Monday, November 14, 2011

Good Timing!: Part Two

When you go “treasure-hunting,” do you shop with a wish list?  I do! There are a few items I always look for…..vintage Pyrex, vintage hardside luggage, orange juice decanter/glass sets and McCoy pottery are at the top of the list. Wish list items come and go depending on what’s selling in my booth. In my last post I told you about finding some Nancy Drew mystery books which have sold well the last few weeks. I also promised to tell you about the other finds Mom and I made at that estate sale.

The timing was good for a couple of my “top of the list” items. The estate sale pictures showed an orange juice glass/decanter set and Mom went straight to the kitchen and boxed them up.

The vintage Pyrex that was pictured was already taken, but they missed these cute and hard to find Pyrex child’s mugs. There is a matching divided plate and bowl that I hope to find one day….something new to put on the list!!!

While in the kitchen, I also found a reamer (a good seller for me) and this Bromwell sifter which is in great shape.

One of the downsides of a wish list is that you focus only on those items and miss other great vintage finds. I usually “shop the list” first and then focus on other items that just appeal to me in a vintage way. That’s the case when I walked out to the garage and found this framed horse picture.

The picture itself has a few problems but what appealed to me was the wooden frame with “brands” embossed on its face.

I haven’t had a chance to research this yet, but it has a 50s-60s feel to me. If you have any knowledge about it, I would appreciate any enlightenment.

Do you treasure-hunt with a wish list?

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  1. What a great day you had. I really like those little mugs and that horse picture with the unusual frame.
    I usually have a list, I call it my "focus list." It really helps because I get so distracted with all the other stuff I see and forget what I'm really looking for.

  2. I must say I LOVE those cute Pyrex children's mugs. Great find! I do shop with a wish list and then just anything that catches my eye...vintage and the items I collect...which seem to be growing by the hugs, Linda

  3. I love the kids mugs! I don't know about the horse picture, but I do know that horse stuff sells well.


  4. Love all that you found! I don't shop with a list. I bring home anything that makes me smile!!

  5. Those blue and white mugs as cute!
    I just shop!!! Sometimes I try to replenish certain items if they are good sellers.
    Deb :)

  6. I always look for/buy certain things (hankies, pottery, pyrex...), but sometimes my radar points me to other interesting items (which I'll buy). I just found 2 of those juice decanters this weekend- no glasses, though. The children's mugs are so cute!

  7. I do not shop with a list. And that is a bad thing since I see the shiny object and want it now. I'm surprised the reamers are a big seller for you. I see those all the time at estate sales!

  8. Oh those mugs! The pony pic is great too.

  9. NO WAY?! Those Pyrex kids cups are to die for!!! Lucky, lucky you! <3 Saw this via the Flea Market Link-Up. XO, Kate

  10. Favorites of mine from your finds: children's mugs and the sifter -- too great! Thanx for sharing.


  11. My wish-list is as long as my arm!

    Your orange juice set is fabulous. I see plenty of odd glasses about but rarely the complete set.

    Thanks for linking up x

  12. Those little children's mugs are adorable! I have a few newborn cups but I've never seen these! Love the horse art, too! What a great frame! ♥

  13. always on the lookout for vintage christmas. it does not matter the time of the year!!

  14. You really found some wonderful pieces, Sherry. I have a running "wish list" that I carry with me at all times. But, as soon as something gets checked off the list, it seems ten replace it. ;)

    Hope to see you at Time Travel Thursday this week.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  15. I love the kids mugs and the sifter. Great finds. Thanks for stopping by today.

  16. I love the childrens mugs, what a great baby shower gift they would make! And the horse picture would be great in a little boys room-maybe you can find another horse picture to replace the one that is damaged.I sure hope you and yours are o.k. after the tornado that came thru your area last night!

  17. Ohh Love the Pyrex! I really, really love the kid mugs! I have been on the lookout for those! would love to display at my son's upcoming 1st birthday party. Congrats on your awesome finds!

  18. The picture looks like a CW Anderson, I have them in my horsey office, luv the frame with it. I would buy it


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