Monday, October 24, 2011

Cooler Temps = Fewer Yard Sales

I guess it’s inevitable…..When the weather turns cooler, the yard sales get fewer!

Look at those sad eyes!

Though there were a few yard sales advertised this weekend, only one sounded worthy of a gallon of gas, so Mom and I checked it out. The finds were fewer, too, but we did uncover some interesting things.

Mom found this neat framed picture.

It’s neat because it has a hidden feature……It opens to reveal a spice rack with an Herb and Spice Chart. It is dated 1965.

I discovered a 1968 large-print New York Times Cookbook as well as two small muffin tins. I thought you might enjoy the Apple Muffin recipe I found inside.

And those sad eyes you saw above…..They belong to the cutest little ceramic poodle (with white fur) sitting on a turquoise pillow. It is about 5 inches tall and is marked Japan.

Are there still yard sales in your area?

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  1. May be few -- but really cute finds -- love the recipe book.


  2. Loving the recipe book and tins. Like the suprise on the picture. Great to see them

  3. We had a ton this weekend...most of them had lots of kids toys...and I'm certainly not interested in adding any more toys to my home!!

  4. I wouldn't have been able to resist those eyes either!

    Thanks for linking up x

  5. That's an adorable little poodle. Sales are booming in my area, as it's finally cool enough to sit outside for a day or so. :) I haven't been to any, though! :(
    I love the surprise spice rack. How clever!


  6. What a neat spice rack!!

    There has been a small surge of sales over the last month. Probably because it's no longer 110 degrees every day!! :)

  7. I didn't see too many sales here in Texas this weekend. Oh well, I'm trying not to buy to much since I will have to get it home to GA! Love the spice rack and the ceramic dog, so cute!


  8. What a cute little doggie! There are still garage sales in my area (encompassing several towns), but unfortunately, many advertise baby gear, tools, basic junque. Time to hit the thrift stores...

  9. Love the spice chart and the pup. How cute. Not many yard sales here, either. This weekend, the temp. is supposed to be around 45.
    Have a Blessed day.

  10. I love the poodle! We have yard sales all year long here,,,,,,,except on the really really cold days.

  11. Cute Finds! Still having sales in this area too, but they are dwindling down.

  12. Very few sales around here (North Dakota), just getting too cold. Suppose to have snowflakes in the next couple of days. Guess I need to hit the thrift stores more, but can't find nearly as much at those. OH well, another reason to look forward to spring.

  13. Sherry, yes we are in high yard sale season here in Orlando as the weather has just turned cooler. I wet to my second auction this weekend and I am hooked!! I think I need glasses, when I looked at your post on my blog roll i thought you had a new puppy LOL!


  14. There have been a few yardsales still in my neck of the woods but soon there won't be any. Love the cute lil pup you found.


  15. Oh my gosh! That little poodle is just too adorable! Who could resist that sweet little face?! Well, the garage sales out here leave MUCH to be desired! They almost always say they are "huge". They are not! But what they are is junky!!! Can't wait 'til we are back home in Michigan next spring, so I can make the garage sale rounds again!
    Enjoy your week!

  16. Good sales have all diminished around here too.

  17. Super cute photo's.. Love it..Officially following ya with smiles.. So much creativity here.. ..Found ya while blog hopping around on Nifty Linky..
    PS: I am hoping you could join in and hopefully participate in "Project Pink Blog Day" Please check out this post of mine, I would LOVE to have you be a part of my Project Pink Blog Day if it fits your schedule.. "All blogger's going pink a day for "breast cancer" -- Wishing you a lovely weekend..

  18. None. I don't even have to type in my city name in Craigslist anymore, just go straight to the garage sale section and check out the four sales listed.

  19. Such a sweet face, I'm sure she was happy to be adopted. I've never seen a picture like that with an attached spice rack. Fun finds. We still have them here, but not as many.

  20. We just got back to NC so I'm anxious to check out my favorite thrift stores here! I can always find something I 'need'! I hope the weather's nice this next weekend and you find some good sales! ♥


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