Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Cup of Versatility

Yesterday I found an old and unusual-colored custard cup at my local thrift store. It is marked Fire-King Oven Glass like its sister line, Sapphire Blue, which I shared with you here. My Fire-King book calls this color Custard. Hmmm...that should be easy for me to remember!

When I got home, I added my custard-colored custard cup to a growing collection of custard cups in many patterns. One of my favorite sets belonged to my husband’s grandmother. I don’t know the name of the swirled pattern, but one of them is marked Anchor Hocking. I’ve seen plastic ones in colors that mimic this swirled cup, but I’ve never seen any others in glass.

I have more Blue Sapphire custard cups than any other pattern. I love the icy blue color!

These vertical-ribbed clear cups are also made by Fire-King.

Ubiquitous Pyrex custard cups come in different sizes and are probably the easiest cups to find.

But the beauty of these little containers is their versatility. Sure, they are perfect for custards, puddings and gelatins, but their other uses are numerous.

Who needs new prep cups when vintage custard cups will fill the bill? They are the perfect size in which to measure dry ingredients during meal preparation. Prep cup is just a new name for a custard cup! Think green.....Go Vintage!!!

A couple of ladies saw this stack of Fire-King Meadow Green custard cups in my booth a few days ago and reminisced that their mother fed them out of cups just like them when they were babies.

They are also perfect for serving condiments, sauces, and jellies……peanuts, mints and candies…. au jus for dipping…..or serving salad dressing “on the side.”

While custard cups are obviously great for the kitchen, they are equally as useful in the office. Use them on a desk to hold paper clips, rubber bands, binder clips and push pins. In the craft room you can use them to organize buttons, beads, pins, screws, nails or any small items that need to be corralled.

Pair the cups with an old muffin tin and you can pull out only the cupful of items you need at the moment.....while the muffin tin keeps the other cups corralled!

How do you use your custard cups?

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  1. I love custard cups! I pick them up all the time as they are so useful! I am on the lookout for the sapphire blue now! We use them for so many things in our kitchen and they are great on my dresser for odds and ends.

  2. Great ideas! I use custard cups for all sorts of things--flower bulbs, tiny plant cache pots, holding bits of tiny things to glue together again, and then there are the myriad kitchen uses!
    Love your collection!

  3. You are the best thrifter! I love using custard cups for everything! Regarding the fabric stamps, I have never been able to find them in any store I think they are only available on line.


  4. I love these! I have some vintage boxes of birthday candles in some of mine! Most are just stacked! I thought of you this morning...I went to the HUGE thrift store I told you about! I saw 1 square plate and 4 square Fire King! But they had little chips and NO cups so I passed on them! Sometimes I wish I could CALL you on the phone and ask WHAT SHOULD I DO! heehee! They were tempting! 25 cents each...and probably gone by now! lol ♥♥♥

  5. I don't know how I use mine...because I don't have any...but I will be on the look out now!!

  6. I love custard cups ~ I think we may have the same sickness ~ I use them to hold paper clips and other things elastic bands etc., Every once in a while I do make custard ;-)

  7. The custard cups are so cute and you tips on using them creatively are neat.

    Thanks for joing Potpourri Friday. I appreciate you!

  8. Custard cups are hard to resist! Thanks for sharing some great uses for them.

  9. My kids like to use them to hold ketchup, ranch etc...when eating chicken nuggets, or veggies. I also like to use them during parties to hold condiments, or snacks. IE: peanuts, or candy. I have those Meadow Green Fire King ones, and some all white ones.

  10. I have just a couple of custard cups around the house and we just use them for snacks. Now you've got me thinking about them in a whole new light!!
    Have a great weekend.

  11. Great post, my grandmother always had custard in her fridge, just smelling it brings back so many memories. thanks so much for joining in for VIF,
    xo Debra

  12. How do I use my custard cups? Last week they were filled with Tapioca Pudding I made! My custard cups are the basic Pyrex variety shown in one of the photos. I've had them for at least 48 years. Now I'm going to look for some others to use outside my kitchen!

  13. Girlfriend I don't have any custard cups. I remember selling some in my yard sale this summer. I really didn't want them THEN !! Now I do LOL

    i would eat chocolate puddin in them

    I just love shoppin for these kind of treasures


  14. These are so cute, but I don't think I would have enough storage.

  15. Those are soo cute! I love anything little! Thanx for coming to the party!

  16. Hi Sherry, it's me again, I am so sorry that my last comment flew off so fast. I have been having issues with my aol and blogland not getting along, and I had aol on the phone and I rudely (not meaning to) sent the email off without a proper closure. And I am sorry for that.
    I have so much stuff and so little storage that I find collections a problem. But I enjoy looking and drooling over others. I am happy that you were able to find a nice addition to your collection.

  17. We use them for everything around here too. I love to measure ingredients ahead of time and place them in the cups. I use them in crafting to sort small items. My kids especially love to use them for snacks and dipping. We have an assortment.

  18. I have never seen the custard colored custard cups -- my mom had some like the fire king, but they were harvest gold, if I remember correctly. I have three plain Pyrex cups.
    Love your ideas, as usual.
    BTW -- I made a very hurried trip to the Antique Mall today -- love, love, love your booth -- very neat!!! Will return when I have more time.


  19. I don't have any custard cups, but I love all of your suggestions! Sometimes the things that are the most simple end up being the most useful! I do have two vintage muffin tins that I use to hold my earrings and bracelets, and I just love them!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend:)

  20. I have several custard cups in my closet. Funny how some Bloggers have different uses for them. I'm taking them out right now.
    Thanks for the ideas...
    Great to meet you by the way!
    xxx Liz

  21. Oh, I don't think this house would function without custard cups! We use them daily. I have 2 sets of different size white glass FireKing ones that are on every dinner table. I always have either fruit or applesauce in them for dinner. I grew up with these at everyplace setting at dinner with with the same. I also have a set of the ones you howed that were your husbands grandmothers. Lia (our 3 yr. old) calls them ice cream dishes beause they are used for a one scoop mini sundae here on a regular basis. And I have others that I use for measuring and containing ingredients while cooking. Oh yes, this house loves our many custard dishes! I love to Green Meadow ones you have for your shop! Thanks for joining TTF and have a fun week!


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