Monday, August 1, 2011

When a Friend Declutters

Unfortunately, there were no yard sales worth driving to this weekend, so I thought Mom and I were going to be out of luck on the treasure-hunting front. But a friend came through for us......a friend that needed to declutter. She called to ask if I would be interested in looking through some old glassware, china, and other things before she took them to the Salvation Army. Well, let me think......uh, YES!!!

I couldn't believe what she was going to give away........

Crystal Egg Plate

Mid-century Aqua/White Lazy Susan
California Potteries 

Clear Boopie Glasses
Fenton Hobnail Opalescent Dish

Blue Ridge Shell-shaped Plate

And finally
Burpee's Reproduction Metal Trays

Don't you just love it when a friend declutters?!?

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  1. What great stuff!!!
    I love that egg plate!
    I want somebody to call me to declutter. Preferably somebody in their 80's that has live in the same house for 100 years!!!!

  2. I love it when that happens! I love the trays and that egg dish! I'm going to visit a friend pretty soon and she says she has lots of stuff set aside for me after her recent move. I am so excited! :)

    Have a great week!

  3.'s great when you get THAT phone call! Nice treasures for YOU! That just happened to me a couple of weeks ago and I'll post this week about it. It's nice to have friends like that!
    Deb :)

  4. I love those clear Boopie glasses! Is that what they are cute! Enjoy your day! ♥

  5. I think I need to give my friends sweet reminders that I'm here to help them through the decluttering process.

  6. NOW I know what goes in the middle of those 4 curvy dishes I have (see lazy susan)

  7. You got some great things when they decluttered! We are following you now - hope you return the follow!
    Deb sends her regards!

  8. Ilove all your friend's treasures -- especially the trays!! The lazy susan is great, too!


  9. OMG,Boopie,Fenton,are we crazy or are they??? LOL What great treasures


  10. Sigh ! Heaven. Thanks for sharing.

  11. What a great friend! I love all the goodies you found. Of course, I always love a Boopie, and there's something so sweet about Blue Ridge pottery, but the egg dish is fabulous and my favorite of your treasures!

  12. Oh!! That aqua lazy susan is so cool!

  13. You have an amazing friend! Great finds!! Love the Fenton!

  14. I think it's great when friends give you the first chance at their goodies...decluttering can be fun! Love the Fenton dish.

  15. We wish a friend would declutter - oh boy do we ever...not that she needs it, mind you, we just love her stuff :)
    Such nice things...what a nice friend!

  16. Wow, that Lazy Susan is fantastic!! I'm lusting after it. Thanks for linking up x

  17. Wow...How lucky are you! Love the trays and the lazy Susan...Fab! x

  18. Oh yes....when friends and MIL's declutter. It's a win-win isn't it? You came away with some great pieces.
    I don't know if that happens a lot with your friends but now that my friends (and my mom's friends) know I like "old stuff", I have been the lucky recipient of some things that they were giving away. It's the best kind of shopping!!
    Have a great day.

  19. Love the trays, really love them.
    Rest not to my taste but can see they are quality

  20. I would have been squealing! What great finds Sherry! I especially like the shell shaped plate and those gorgeous trays! How fun for you! :)

  21. What a super friend! Thanx for sharing last Thursday! I would love for you to join us again!:)


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