Monday, August 29, 2011

Mirror Tray Makeover

I probably would have passed up this old mirror tray had I not seen one transformed by Carol at The Polka Dot Closet. This mirror was in good vintage shape, but the metal frame had started to rust. It needed to be rescued!

I primed and painted the frame with white paint.

It still looked a little plain to me and I remembered that a couple of months ago I had picked up a jar of Armour Etch glass etching cream.

Now seemed like the perfect time to put it to use. An etched design on the mirror sounded like the perfect touch.

I read the instructions on the jar and it said to use stick-on vinyl when etching the design on the glass. There was no vinyl in my house…..What to do?  I really wanted to finish this project. Think, think, think …..What about wide scotch tape?  I didn’t want to mess up my tray, so I found a small compact with a mirror on top and gave the tape a test run.


Going back to the mirror tray……. I adhered a piece of wide tape to the mirror, traced the design using a stencil and cut out the design.

Then I globbed on the Armour Etch.

It said to wait five minutes and then wash it off.


But I wasn’t quite done. The back side of the mirror tray was just boring gray cardboard, so I attached a pretty piece of craft paper to the back and now it’s almost as pretty as the top side.



Have you ever used etching cream?

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Buying "Character"

They say that when a woman has age lines on her face, it just makes her look old; consequently, when a man has age lines, it gives him character. That's just not fair!

What about vintage china? …. If a dinner plate or teacup gets cracked or chipped, does it fatally flaw the piece or just give it character? Perhaps if we knew the story behind the damage, we could more easily appreciate a few dings and chips.

* * * * * * *

I recently bought this beautiful set of white luster canisters.

I’m not an expert, but my research leads me to believe that they were made in Czechoslovakia in the early 20th century. I was attracted to the blue/white cameo-like scenes and the beautiful opalescent iridescence of the set. I’ve seen canisters like this in numerous antique malls and they are always priced well above $100. A complete set usually has 6 large canisters/lids and 6 smaller spice canisters/lids. Sometimes they even have matching oil and vinegar cruets.

This set was priced considerably less. Perhaps this next picture might help you understand the reason for the lower price. Notice that one lid has been broken and re-glued and another is missing its handle. There are indeed 6 canisters, but only 3 spice canisters. Four of the canisters have breaks or hairline cracks.

So I’m curious.

Would you have bought this set or would you have passed it up because of the damage and the missing spice canisters? 

Would you have not considered repurposing one of the broken canisters for a bouquet of flowers?

Or maybe a holder for wooden utensils?

Would you have bought them?
How much would you have paid? 

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Q" is for....

The next letter of the Alphabe-Tour has put me in a serious quandary. “Q” is next and is one of the letters that I've been dreading. It's impending appearance has actually made me question my sanity for starting The Tour in the first place. You see, I don’t have any Quimper pottery, Quaint furniture, Queen Mary glassware or Quaker State Motor Oil signs. I even scoured the vast quantity of booths at the World’s Longest Yard Sale for any qualified items, but to no avail. But I’m not a quitter…..I’ve found a few Qs among the items in my booths. Some are obvious…..I hope the others will put a quick smile on your face.

“Q” is for……

Quilt (of course)

another Quilt

Quart-size fruit jar

Quilted Crystal jelly jar by Ball

Quart-size milk bottle

Quest of the Missing Map – Nancy Drew book

And I hope you’ll forgive me for this one…


Duck planter

“R” is next....maybe I can redeem myself with that one!

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From there you can quickly visit any of the previous letters.

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

More Hot Finds From The World’s Longest Yard Sale

A few days ago I showed you some of the things I bought on the very hot 2011 edition of the Hwy 127 Sale, often referred to as The World’s Longest Yard Sale. I promised to show you more of my finds and that’s what I’m bringing to you today.

That cute little birdie at the top of this post was embroidered on some sweet napkins. I also found a small yellow OvenServe bowl, an Aladdin typewriter ribbon tin, a 1950s ringed juice decanter and a groovy 1970s owl trivet.

I love McCoy pottery and found this pretty ewer vase with a grapes motif.

One of the best finds I made was a set of Vitrock Tulips Salt and Pepper shakers. They are shown with a handmade appliqué and embroidery linen guest towel that reads, "Friends are Welcome Guests."

I’ve been saving the best until last!

I love to find vintage luggage for my customers and I found two beauties. The suitcase is made by White Star and is edged in leather with a leather handle. The train case is my favorite find of the trip and is marked Style Lady. It is also trimmed in leather and, unbelievably, came with two keys.

That’s it for my "hot" finds at this year’s WLYS.

Did you see anything that made you smile?

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hot Finds From The World’s Longest Yard Sale

The temps were hot up and down Hwy 127 last week at The World’s Longest Yard Sale, but the treasure-hunting was hot, too!!!

Here’s a few of the things that I purchased……

One of my first finds was the red stool with slide-out steps. I also bought a Coca-Cola case, cast iron cornbread stick pan, chicken waterer, blue Ball fruit jar and a couple of potato mashers.

If you have a thing for pink, I found two pink/white Pyrex Gooseberry casseroles. They didn’t have lids, but I already had the lids! The salt and pepper set is also Pyrex and the sugar shaker is made by Federal.

Two children’s textbooks called out to me; one is a reader, the other is about music. I also bought a linen/embroidery doily and some sweet vintage postcards.

One of my favorite finds was the aqua twin bird planter. It’s not marked, so unfortunately I don’t know the marker. Many of you are fans of ironstone, so I know you’ll like the large pitcher I found. It’s chipped and crazed a bit, but I think it’s beautiful. I also found an English salt/pepper/oil/vinegar set in a silver-plated caddy.

And that’s not all……..I’ll have more pictures later!

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Vacation Highlights

I know my participation in Blogland has been sporadic over the last week or so, but Mr. B2V and I have been travelling and internet access was great one day and totally absent the next. Now that I'm home, I hope to get back to my normal blogging routine!

* * * * *

Our vacation took us into the mountains of North Carolina and I was thrilled to meet the one and only, sweet and charming, Diane of Welcome to Lavender Dreams.

That's sweet Diane on the left!
Diane's blog is always positive and fun and Diane is no different. She’s truly a sweetheart and if you haven't visited her blog, do it soon. She always has the best stories and pictures of her travels around North Carolina and Florida. Her posts are better than looking through a travel magazine. As bloggers always do, we exchanged gifts and she gave me the most wonderful-smelling soaps made by a local NC craftswoman.

Notice the lavender soap!!!

Thanks, Diane!
It was such fun to meet you!!!

* * * * *

We spent the next few days in the Asheville area where we saw beautiful scenes like these at the Grove Park Inn.

* * * * *

We then traveled west to Crossville, TN where we started our journey south along the World’s Longest Yard Sale. It was hot and sticky, but we survived the trek. This was our third trip to the WLYS and unfortunately the most grueling. I think the heat made it especially difficult.

I’m always asked what it’s like to travel the Longest Yard Sale. Here are a few snapshots to show you what it's like. It really depends on where you start the WLYS, but as you travel Hwy 127, you’ll see views like this....

Then way up ahead (see on the right) you’ll see tents.

When you get closer, this is what you'll see......

You’ll notice all the “stuff” and you’ll have to decide if it’s worthy of a stop. If so, you’ll find a place to park (this can be difficult at times) and you’ll walk and shop. Hopefully you’ll find some treasures…..often you won’t!

Then you’ll drive on and see more of the countryside…

Keep driving and you'll see this.........

With more just across the road.....

You’ll decide to stop...…or not!

The drive, look, stop, shop…, look, don’t stop….drive, look, etc. goes on for several hundred miles.

It’s exciting when you find some treasures, it’s frustrating when you find nothing! It’s tiring either way!!!  So tiring, that I haven’t even unpacked all of the things I bought. However, here’s a sneak peek at a just a few of my finds….

I’ll show you more goodies in a couple of days!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My, Oh, My!

A few weeks ago, I showed you these small 1970s wooden plaques that I bought for a quarter each.

Why did I buy them? I sure didn’t need another project, but I thought maybe I could figure out something interesting to do with them. I even asked all of you for ideas.

Jane of Mamie Jane’s, the queen of repurposing, sparked my creative juices when she commented that the larger plaque would make a good clipboard. With that idea in mind, I painted all three plaques with Calypso Blue craft paint, distressed the edges and used spray adhesive to add some coordinating paper.

I added an old office clip to the larger one to create the clipboard. I had to add an old rubber washer to keep the clip level.

Now it holds a small pad of paper to jot down shopping list items.

But what could I do with the two smaller plaques? I’m practical, so I wanted to create something useful as well as pretty.

On one of the smaller plaques, I printed out common kitchen measurements, such as 2 cups = 1 pint.

On the other one, I printed food substitutions, such as 1 T. fresh herbs = 1 tsp. dried herbs.

Now the three plaques are decorative as well as useful. You could hang them on a kitchen wall or add magnets to the back so they could be attached to the refrigerator.

So 3 vintage wooden plaques go from
Why, Oh, Why?

My, Oh, My!

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