Monday, July 25, 2011

Who Knew?

Mom gets the daily paper so she’s in charge of checking out the classifieds for the weekend yard sales. She was excited to tell me that one of our rural churches was going to have a rummage sale that started on Thursday. We usually have to wait until Friday to go treasure-hunting, so who knew what we might find a day early!

The first thing I found was an old wall shelf made of pine with notches along the edges. The top piece also had some interesting carving. Who knew that this is probably a primitive folk art shelf, or maybe even tramp art?

There were lots of books and several of them were old elementary reading textbooks. One of them had a much plainer cover than the others, but I loved the graphics so I bought it along with five others. When I got it home and looked through it, I recognized some of the characters in the stories. Who knew that the book had actually been rebound and was covering a 1956 edition of a Dick and Jane reader?

There were also a couple of children’s Christmas books and an unusual red/white swirl enamelware grill plate. I’ve only seen plain enamelware plates, but never a grill plate. Who knew?

With no yard sales listed for Friday, we decided to revisit the junk shop where we found the Candlewick salt and pepper shakers last weekend. With so much to plunder through, who knew what we might have missed?

Almost immediately I spotted an iced tea glass. Not just any ole iced tea glass. An American Fostoria iced tea glass. Then I spotted another one and yet another one. Who knew that I would find more elegant glassware at that old junk shop?

Stuck in the back corner of a shelf, I noticed something pink….a very soft shade of pink. Who knew that as I pulled it out into the light I would discover a Baltimore Pear sugar bowl in Shell Pink milk glass. There was no lid, but it was too perfect to pass up.

Lastly, I found a small decorative birdcage and a pair of owl figurines. Do you remember the popularity of owls back in the 1970’s? Well, here they are ….. popular again, 40 years later!!!

Who “Hoo” Knew?

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  1. LOVE the birdcage - I have a thing about birdcages!

    The pink sugar bowl is stunning too and the tea glasses. You did great!

    Thanks for linking up x

  2. Such great finds! I love the bird cage!

  3. In need of the pink milk glass sugar bowl -- think it matches my goblets -- (You knew is hoo knew!) Also, let's talk about the grill plate.
    Your mom does an excellent job scouting for you!!!


  4. You found some fun stuff. (I really never enjoyed owls in the 70s and, guess what? I still don't like them!)

  5. I love old school books! What a great find and a fun day! You just never know what you'll see! ♥

  6. Those are all great finds! Church rummage sales are the best!

  7. I learnt to read with Dick and Jane and Spot.I love those owls and cage I have a small collection of owls myself.

  8. What wonderful finds. I love the 'who knew'!! That sugar bowl is amazing! Love the Dick and Jane books! So glad your Mom is the spotter of the yard sales.

  9. I remember reading from Dick and Jane, what great finds. Blessings.

  10. Aren't you the punny one, Sherry! I remember that owls were all the rage back in the 70's. My oldest sister had a huge collection! I am loving the bird cage, and that tramp art shelf is amazing, love it! Great finds, as usual!

  11. I guess it's the cycle of life. I have noticed a lot of things coming back into style. You certainly have the luck finding lovely treasures. I went thrifting with the hubby last weekend looking for a Princess phone for my vintage guest room. Scored one for $3.00. We were both thrilled. I saw a lot of Christmas stuff out there. Everyone was doing a Christmas in July sale. If Mr. Ames wasn't with me I'd be dragging home more Christmas stuff too. :)
    Say what is that pattern on those glasses called? I have seen it in blue and pink too!~Ames

  12. Wow you hit the jack pot!! Beautiful finds!!

  13. Wow Sherry, you found some real treasures. You sure know your glassware!! I love those old books and their sweet graphics. Are we really having an owl invasion again?

  14. I want that birdcage! What an awesome find :)



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