Monday, July 11, 2011

When I Shop, I Think of You!

All of you inspire me….your blogs, your comments, your friendship. When I “treasure hunt” at estate sales, yard sales and thrift stores, I think of all the creative ideas and special collections that you share. I notice things now that I never noticed before because you called it to my attention with an informative blog post or incisive comment.

Mom and I attended two estate sales this past weekend and the things I bought remind me of many of you. I hope you see yourself in the “treasures” that I found.

Bone china teacups – Made in England

Blue fruit jar and a ring of rusty keys

Tissue box cover – Made by Nashco

Set of 2 large nesting bowls – Bouquet (Ballerina) by Universal

2 “projects” – footed wooden bowl and wooden tote

House Blessing plate – Made in Japan

Did you see anything you like?

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  1. I sure did see some treasures that I like, Sherry! I especially love the wooden pedestal bowl (I am always on the hunt for those!), and the rusty keys, too! I love the beautiful florals that you have a knack for finding, like that pretty tissue box cover, and the tea cups. And I know what you mean about fellow bloggers inspiring our shopping trips!!!

  2. Oh you found some great treasures. Those Bouquet bowls made my heart go pitty pat! So see you did shop with me in mind!! hugs, Linda

  3. I agree with your thoughts 100%! Thanks to these wonderful blogs my house is full of loveliness!

    the Joyful Thrifter

  4. the blue jar really appeals, must be because it is summer.

  5. I'm loving those keys!! Great finds Sherry!


  6. Fun finds! Glad you did so well! Love the cups and saucers!

  7. those china teacups are gorgeous. i second your sentiments exactly- i think of so many bloggers who would like things i see, or what they would do with it. also, blogging has influenced how i see things and how i use things, too.

  8. I love the old rusty keys! Isn't it fun finding out the things we like best! I just went to Goodwill! When did the prices go UP so high? I didn't buy anything! :(

  9. Beautiful!! I love everything that you found!!

  10. If we had went to the sale together and left Mom in the car Ha! I would have fought you for the keys. tea cups and wooden tote. I'm with you, I shope so different and have gotten so many idea's from blogs


  11. Great finds!! Love the tea cups!! And what a wonderful way to estate sailing...with your mom! Can't get any better that that!

  12. Love everything -- especially the pink nesting bowls. (You knew I would). Also, the wooden tote and footed bowl are great. And, the house blessing plate. Everything!


  13. Great finds. Love the bouquet nesting bowls! Thanx for sharing

  14. I love the old fruit jar and the rusty keys!! You found some great stuff!!

  15. Love those keys and I do the same when hunting I see something and I think of that person who collects it like all those pyrex lovers (I dont buy those tho)

  16. Teacups! Nesting bowls! OH!
    I think one reason I love junk-hunting(not really junk!)is because I've had so many fun co-junkers over the years. . .and then there's the obvious connects-me-to-the-past thing. . . you always pick cute, pretty, fun STUFF!

  17. Love those tea cups and the keys!!! What fun you and your Mother had! Happy tea Day!

  18. You found such pretty teacups! I'm sure you will enjoy using those. I especially like the blue one.

  19. The rusty keys are great. And the nesting bowls are pretty cool.

  20. What lovely treasures! I love your tea cups and that beautiful china bowl. I am new to all of this and have been thoroughly enjoying it. If you have time, I would love to have you come and visit...


  21. Sherry, congrats! You were awarded the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award. See my newest post for details. Tiffany

  22. Love the tissue box it for sale? You found some beautiful treasures this weekend. Lynn


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