Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Display of Pink

I bought this 18” tall tabletop display cabinet last October and it’s been patiently sitting in my garage waiting its turn to be renewed. Its original finish was pretty plain, just a clear satin finish.

I thought it needed some oomph, some pizzazz….so I painted it PINK!

Because the glass would have been difficult to remove, I painted it with the glass in place. That left an unpainted edge showing under the glass on the inside of the door.

I covered that unpainted edge with a pretty polka dot ribbon.

I would love to have changed out the door knob, but it was glued in place. So to give the knob a little extra presence, I embellished it with another piece of polka dot ribbon and a pretty sequined heart.



Now this little curio is ready for a collection of demitasse cups and saucers or other treasured miniatures.

What do you think?
Is she pretty in pink?

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  1. Yes!! She is very pretty in pink, love it!!

  2. I love it! I think the polka dot ribbon is a genius idea! Are you putting it in your shop or in your house?

  3. Thx for stopping by my new the curio! I have one very similar in black. I've also signed up to follow your lovely blog too. Have a great weekend!

  4. Pretty pink perfection! I've gotten rid of so many 'wooden' items over the years that looked dated! Painting makes them look new again! ♥

  5. I love the transformation!!! Such pretty detail with the polka dot ribbon.

  6. Very cute! I can just see it in a little girl's room. I love the ribbon and the details on the knob. Nice job!


  7. Very pretty - and creative - very sweet.
    - Joy

  8. Looking pretty in pink!
    Have a great weekend.
    Deb :)

  9. That turned out wonderfully!

  10. Happy Pink Saturday! Love the way you refinished that cabinet! Very neat idea to add the polka dot ribbon - "spiffy" and adorable! Enjoyed you post! Thanks, Jenn

  11. Oh yes! she IS pretty in pink! :) Now is this going in your own home or will you be selling this beauty? Very, very nice and much improved makeover.

  12. Oh it IS pretty in pink!! I am such a sucker for pink and I have to hold back because I think my husband would protest. After all, he has to live with three women, four if you include the dog! Love the ribbon detail on this too!

  13. That is so adorable and I love the ribbon! cute cute cute! hugs, Linda

  14. I think your little curio looks just adorable painted pink! Would love to see how it looks all decorated with your little cups and saucers!

  15. I am sure this is going to make a lovely backdrop for your treasures - love the color and the use of the ribbon!

  16. Oh yes, she is much prettier in pink. I love how you used the ribbon to cover up the unpainted part. Very clever indeed and a great transformation!!

  17. It was a great piece before, but zero personality. Now it oozes personality and charm! Well done.

  18. The Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop became the coolest party on the block because of your participation. Thank you!


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