Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why, Oh, Why?

Why, oh, why did I buy another “project?”  I tried not to, but I kept going back to these little pressed wood plaques because I just KNEW I could do something interesting with them, plus they were only a quarter each.

I suspect that they were manufactured in the 70’s or 80’s. In 1976, we celebrated our country’s bicentennial and our decor went through a resurgence of all things “Early American” during the years before and after. These fit that trend.

But now that I’ve bought them, I can’t think of anything interesting to do with them. The images are printed on thin cardstock and would be easy to remove from the wood (I think). Oh, sure, I can always make small chalkboards, but I want to do something different.   HELP!

Would you have bought them?
What would YOU do with them?
Share your ideas……Please!

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  1. I pass up these kinds of things all the time because I CAN'T think of anything to do with of course I'm no help at all. I must say these are cute about painted white, shabby chic style with words stenciled on them? Like, Hope ~ Grace ~ Love
    I tried! hugs, Linda

  2. I haven't had my first cup of coffee yet so I'm not much help. My first thought was that they look like clip boards so maybe you could find an interesting clip and attach it and use it as such. My other thought was to nail small nails across the top of the wood and use it as a jewelry holder. I think I have a couple of these pieces in my stash of stuff so I'll be curious to read the ideas.

  3. how about attaching some vintage/antique fabric on them, that way you could use up some fabulous scraps (I would think of that, wouldn't I)

  4. I would have bought them because they were a quarter! heehee! My Dad used to say I would buy anything cheap whether I could use it or not. But I'm not sure what I would do with them! It would be fun to put a different image on them. I would google some ideas! ♥

  5. Those are such cute frames! They would look nice with vintage sheet music and a silhouette. Graphic fairy has some really sweet ones!

  6. I like them! Maybe paint them and stencil some numbers on them? Or decopage something from The Graphics Fairy? I do like your chalkboard idea too! Can't wait to see what you do with them. :)


  7. Love the shape -- maybe photographs -- of Smokey? Whatever you do will be great! They are really a "find".


  8. I like the clipboard(tall one)&chalkboards(two small ones... Or the decoupage with something from Graphics Fairy...
    Have fun with them, and YES they would have followed me home too...
    I'll be watching for your creation,

  9. It will be interesting to see what you come up with.

  10. Yes, yes, yes! I would have bought them. It's been done, but they really would make adorable little chalkboards. You'll come up with something amazing.

  11. I see these too and I don't pick them up because I don't know what to do with them. So, you are now in charge of coming up with a fabulous idea!! You already have some great suggestions here. I would probably do some broken china mosaic and use them as hot plates for the table.....Can't wait to see!


  12. You could decoupage a favorite fabric print (or paper print) and then use some decorative tacks or pins to display a favorite photo...maybe of a pet. Or just remove the existing paper picture, lay it flat like a platter and display a favorite mini collection on it.. tiny boxes, or vintage jewelry, or something.

  13. I immediately thought it would be cute to decoupage some pretty paper on there and then add a vinyl number or monogram. I would definitely have bought them for 25 cents! :)

  14. I couldn't have resisted them for a quarter either...lots of great ideas out there! But sadly, there they would sit in my "To Be Painted" pile :)Have fun, Laurel

  15. I would have snagged them for a quarter...vinyl ephemera is my vote too.

  16. I would probably paint them & since I'm into mod podge now I would probably mod podge something onto it - vintage paper, sheet music, maps, etc.

    Thanks for linking up to my party!

  17. What about putting wooden feet on the bottom and using them as trivets? You could put numbers on them or paint some kind of design.

  18. You know I would have bought them! I would turn them into something French inspired.

  19. Hi Sherry,
    I would have snatched up those plaques, too! I immediately thought of this project:
    that I made last holiday season! Of course you don't have to make yours into Christmas decor, just thought it might give you some inspiration!!

  20. I looked at the comments for ideas.
    Only ideas I have are tried but true ones, put a large J, O, Y (one letter on each) or put "fall" on one and decoupage preserved leaves on the other two.


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