Thursday, June 2, 2011

Vintage Canisters

I’ll admit it! When I go to an estate sale or yard sale, I always notice vintage canister sets! That doesn’t mean that I’ll like the set or buy the set, but I’ll notice them. They’re usually colorful and often fit a theme….like roosters, sunflowers or mushrooms, but I think what fascinates me most is the way some sets are configured.

Most canisters are like this beautiful amber Moon and Star set. They each stand alone. You can line them up in a row from shortest to tallest or group them as I’ve done in this booth vignette.

Here’s another set that’s all lined up. This orange aluminum set with plastic lids is obviously from the 1970’s. For some reason I'm thinking about chalkboard paint?!?

My Mom’s brushed aluminum set could be nested inside each other even with the lids on. She even had matching salt and pepper shakers and grease can (for bacon drippings).

The configuration of this Esmond Pottery canister set is very unusual because it rests on a revolving wooden base and each of the four sections share one large wooden lid.

My favorite, though, is this stacking canister set. I like it because it takes up less space on the countertop and is bright, cheery and unique.

Do you nest, stack, revolve or line up your canisters?

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  1. i have glass ones of several shapes and sizes. :)
    i never understood the small size of the vintage flour and sugar canisters. . . simply not a practical thing! my aunt had a flour bin that held a TON(not literally) of flour, but it was a tilt-out built into her cabinets. i was intrigued by that much flour when i was a child.
    that blue and green set is SO cute! the fruit one is fun also. . .and i can see why those orange ones have you thinking "chalkboard paint" cute, cute, cute!

  2. I'm a in a row kind of gal!

    I have the metal canisters, and the salt and pepper shakers.
    I like yours better, my writing isn't in black!!!

  3. I just don't have room for canisters, I wish I did. Sherry, You are making me feel old, I remember those amber ones, and my grandma had the aluminum ones.


  4. I have used canisters in the past. My cabinet is too small for what I have on it. I think they look nice in a big kitchen.

  5. I line up my canisters! I love the brushed aluminum set. When I think of "themed" canisters, I always think of the ones my granny has...they are shaped like mushrooms and have mushrooms all over them. Very interesting, indeed!


  6. I love the aluminum canisters...and the orange ones! I line mine up! ♥

  7. Interesting assortment! I'm to short on countertop space, so mine are in the pantry. Oh wait, I do have three filled with various beans and peas!

  8. Now, I am going to start paying more attention to canisters! I love the last set - never seen one like that. My favorite is your mom's aluminum ones! Reminds me of home
    Thanks for coming to the party.

  9. I'm a row person. But as often as I use the stuff in the canisters I should probably just store them in the cabinets.

  10. My mom had the metal ones, with salt, pepper and a bigger shaker -- Mom used it for sprinkling sugar, if I remember correctly. Love all of them!


  11. Great cannisters. Mine are stacked and lined up ;-)

  12. I love the vintage canisters. I use to line them up (Tupperware) and now they are in a cabinet. I have been collecting some beautiful glass canisters I might use in the kitchen and keep out. I really like the Aluminum one's the best! hugs, Linda

  13. Oh my, have you ever touched a nerve here- the Esmond...we had one when I was a kid- paint job not quite the same- but I have been looking for one forever! Not sure what happened to ours when my parents divorced, but mom didn't get it.
    I have a set of canisters, but don't use them. Have my sugar and flour in ice cream buckets in the cabinet. More practical and I don't lose counter space. My canisters were bought with christmas money from my fil- our last christmas with him. I won't use them. It's the last thing I got from him.
    Hugs- Tete

  14. Great canisters sets. I love that stacking one too! I don't use canister sets either. I do have an awesome copper set I got thrifting. I use it more for decor. Thank you for joining TTF. have a great wekend!

  15. Mom had a set of those aluminum canisters. I remember she used to put bacon grease in the one marked Grease. Shiver!!
    I store what canisters I do use in the pantry, and they are the old blue tupperware containers. My now deceased MIL gave them to me when we got married 25 years ago.

  16. i have never seen sets like those stacking or on the lazy susan-so neat!

  17. I love canisters and started to collect them, but now realize I don't have a nice place to display them!! They are piled-up on top of the fridge.

  18. popping in via LV's blog -
    I could use that pineapple sugar canister! My daughter and I are going to the antique mall this afternoon with hopes of a special pineapple something or other for my mother-in-law's birthday. She loves to entertain and she loves pineapples!

  19. Fun post to see all of the different canisters. I haven't had a canister set in a long time but the one I had "back in the day" was all lined up in a row. I remember the brushed aluminum set from when I was a kid. I found the grease can at a thrift store once so I bought it....don't know where it is at the moment. My favorite of the ones you pictured is the stacked set, it's nice and compact.
    Have a great day!


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