Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sapphire Blue

When I became aware of vintage glassware many years ago, Sapphire Blue was one of the first patterns that caught my eye. Easy to recognize and almost always marked, I felt comfortable in purchasing a few pieces.

According to Gene Florence’s book, Fire-King and More, Sapphire Blue (1941-1956) is the most recognized Fire-King pattern. Personally, though, I think the name is deceiving. I would have named it Ice Blue. It’s as if someone took a bowl of sparkling clear water and let one drop of cobalt blue fall into it. The resulting icy blue color is hard to photograph, I must say, so I hope I’ve done it justice in this post.

Over the years, I’ve bought and sold many pieces and I still count it as one of my favorite lines of kitchen glassware. I only have a few of the more than 50 pieces listed in Mr. Florence’s book. Most are for sale, but one piece is part of my personal collection. Perhaps you’ve seen some of these in your grandmother’s pantry or your mother’s kitchen.

Table server, one-spout measuring cup and percolator top

Measuring cup belonged to my aunt, so not for sale

Close-up of percolator top showing Fire-King mark

Custard cups

This is just one of several shapes

Utility bowls

Utility bowls come in 3 sizes that nest together

Pie plate and loaf pan

The pie plates were made in several sizes

Close-ups of Fire-King mark

The design embossed in Sapphire Blue pieces is called "Philbe" and can also be found on some jade-ite pieces, like the refrigerator dish below.

"Philbe" design

"Philbe" design on jade-ite refrigerator dish

Please note: Should you own or purchase any Sapphire Blue pieces, only use them in standard ovens. They were not designed for today’s microwave ovens and could develop heat cracks from the sudden temperature changes used by these contemporary ovens.

Do you have any Sapphire Blue memories?

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  1. I had some sapphire blue that I collected. When my Mother died I put my pieces in the auction so I could make room for more family pieces. I think it is beautiful...

  2. I'm going to have to look at mine for the Fire King mark.

    I have the little chocolate pudding bowls.......that's what I call them because that's what Gram always used them for.

  3. Thank you for educating us on Sapphire Blue and the Fire King pattern on them. I have lots of glass, but no Sapphire Blue. You've given me something new (old) to look for. Blessings.

  4. I feel so deprived! I don't have any Sapphire Blue fire king! LOL! One more thing for me to look for and collect. :) Yours are lovely and I always learn so much from you. I must be better at blogging and checking out your blog.

    Thanks SO much for your compliment on my hydrangea arrangement. I'm so happy you stopped by and left me a comment.


  5. even though my collecting days are over (almost) I am learning a lot from your posts.

  6. No, I have no blue sapphire memories. I do truly like what you have shown. Very pretty.

  7. Sherry, these are so neat! I've never seen them before and love them!

    What a fun thing to collect.

    Have a great day!

  8. I have a pie plate, measuring cup! Enjoying the walk down memory lane! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I can't believe that I haven't heard of Sapphire Blue before especially since I am usually drawn to blue things. Your photos are really nice and give a good view of the pieces. Guess I will be on the watch to see a piece of this in person.

  10. Do you remember the sapphire blue refrigerator bowl that belonged to my friend Sarah's mom -- and then you found the top to it? She was so excited to have both pieces.
    The jade-ite is pretty, too.
    Enjoyed this post!!!


  11. Very nice Sherry. I love Fire King. I have Jadite, Royal Ruby, a few Forrest Green dishes, and one turquoisebowl. I don't collect anymore. But I enjoy looking!~Ames

  12. Not even a single piece of it in my home! Have seen it around and never thought it was FireKing. Love the close ups and the information.

  13. I do not have a single piece of this.....and can not believe that I don't!!! What beautiful glassware! I love Fire King and Jadite!!!

    Thanks for the closeups of the markings, they are very pretty!!!

    Happy VTT!

  14. Gorgeous! I think I might have a couple of pieces of this and didn't know it!! I'll find them and check it out. I love all your knowledge and how you share it! hugs, Linda

  15. What a gorgeous collection of Fireking you have. I just have a couple of pieces; but I do love the stuff.

  16. These are so sure know your stuff! I'd never sell a piece that belonged to a family member either. I have several pieces of Fireking jadeite, but never had any of these beauties.

  17. I love those fire king clear blue bowls.

    My sister collected them once and still has them. I always loved the little pie plates

  18. I don't have memories from childhood, but my sister has some pieces that she has collected over the years and I have always loved it.
    Thanks for linking your pretty collection to THT.
    You always have the best things.

  19. I love how delicate these are. Very pretty indeed!


  20. I don't think I have ever seen any of these. Geez, where have I been? LOL They are really beautiful! Tank you for joining TTF and I hope you have a great day!

  21. I've never seen these beautiful glassware! I love the bowl with the Philbe design, very pretty! You sure know your treasures, and this are too lovely. Thanks for sharing, I dropped from TTF party. Have a great weekend. FABBY

  22. I always learn so much here -- I've never heard of Sapphire Blue until reading this. I imagine now I'll start to see it everywhere I go :-) Thanks for the info!

  23. I have never heard of "Sapphire Blue" before and was especially surprised it's a Fireking product. I guess it doesn't look it could with stand heat! So informative-I will be dropping in on you again.
    I just started a blog. Please check it out and say "hi".

  24. I love dishes and can't believe it, but I have never seen these before! They are very pretty!


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