Monday, June 20, 2011

Doing “Research”

I hope all of you had a special Father’s Day weekend. We visited with one of Mr. B2V’s lovely daughters at her home in Tennessee. We had a wonderful time and made some sweet memories to tide us over until we see her again.

While we were travelling, I hoped to spot some new junking places and find all sorts of fun things to show you today. While I did find a few things, mostly I ended up “doing research.” That’s what I call it when I browse an antique store whose offerings are just a little too expensive to buy for resell. My “research” consists of comparing my prices to those of other dealers and touching items that I’ve only seen in books. I find it helps to hold and feel antiques so you can recognize them when you find them in unusual places… at yard sales!

Though I did a lot of “research” this weekend, I did find a few things to show you.

This lonely Fiesta shaker came home with me. I think Homer Laughlin calls this color turquoise!

I also found another set of Hazel-Atlas ball salt and pepper shakers….this time with red caps, which I’ve never seen before.

And last, but certainly not least, I found two fridgies (Pyrex refrigerator dishes). Both were the small 1-1/2 cup size and both had their lids: one is in the Spring Blossom Green pattern and the other is a bright lemon yellow which could be part of the Friendship set.

Did you do any “research” this weekend?

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  1. Ohhhh 'research'. I like it! I shall remember that next time I'm out browsing.

    I like the yellow colour of the pyrex dish - it reminds me of lemon curd.

    Thanks for linking up x

  2. I have the yellow pyrex dish myself. Oh I did alot of research all week and weekend!

  3. I love that...research! I must say I have learned a lot cruising Antique Malls. It's how I learn to recognize stuff also. Good job on your few finds. hugs, Linda

  4. You make "researching" sound so fun! I didn't get to do any shopping this weekend but I think that's for the best...I have a lot of projects in the works and things are piling up!

  5. Love all of your finds!!! I am on the search for Fiesta ware every where now that I found out my mom has decided to collect it!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  6. Research is a great way to put it, Sherry! Some of the prices out here are way too high, so I know what you mean about just looking! Sounds like you did manage to find some treasures. We were in several thrift stores over the weekend, and I thought of you when I saw a bunch of Pyrex!

  7. My grandma had a yellow fridge dish like that one. She also had a blue one like it. She had a perky little yellow kitchen with white cabinets- I loved it!
    Hugs- Tete

  8. Love that turquoise shaker! Was dying to do "research" as we passed tons of antique stores on the way to camping this weekend...unfortunately, the four men in my life vetoed the research this time.

  9. love, love the Fiesta shaker -- and the yellow fridgie -- you have learned a lot by doing your "research".


  10. Thats how I do research when I'm out an about too. Great to see.
    - Joy

  11. You are so smart to keep up with everything..and everyone! I love the red tops on the shakers and the fridgies! You find the best stuff! No thrifting for me...but soon, I hope! ♥

  12. Must make more time to participate in your fun and interesting blog

  13. Great shakers. Didn't get to go antiquing this weekend, but, got to spend the day with friends. Maybe next weekend, we'll get to.
    Have a Blessed day.

  14. I've never seen any of those pyrex refrigerator dishes at yard sales. There really nice!

  15. love your little pyrex pieces and the embroidery is so sweet.

  16. I like your research. I was just looking at new salt and pepper shakers this weekend at Kohls. They carry the Fiesta line. I just can't buy new Fiesta though. Would rather find the old stuff!

  17. I'm always doing "research", lol! Looove the little fridgies, I found some recently (didn't post them on the collective yet) and they're so itty bitty cute!

  18. Love it!
    The fridgies are beguiling, aren't they? I've not bought any YET, but I have a feeling they're in my future. . .but I'm afraid to start on anything so apparently addictive! :)
    I love your definition of "research"!

  19. Yes mam!! RESEARCH!! We do a lot of research down the junkin' road! Love it!

  20. I wish I could have been in your pocket! That is my very favorite kind of research. Very scientific, indeed. It is definitely a real "cure-all". For me, at least!

  21. It's all in the way you look at it. Research is as good an excuse to go junkin' as any. Love the little fridge containers.

  22. You found some cute little treasures while doing reasearch...what a bonus!! I like how you call it "research." I think I'll have to start using that one....sounds more legitimate than "shopping."


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