Monday, April 25, 2011

A Whazzit and Other Finds

It’s been a good week for treasure hunting and I’ve found some fun things at yard sales and one “whazzit” that I hope you can help me identify.

I found some great cobalt blue bottles, a Chocolate Soldier bottle, an aqua TexasWare creamer, and a McCoy planter.

Kid’s books are always good sellers for me and I found several, even a 1931 copy of The World About Us by Inez McFee. Interesting chapters include: Behind the Face of the Clock, Celluloid – A Most Useful Product, Where We Get Salt and The Story of Aluminum.

I also found a North Carolina souvenir metal tray, a Pretzel open sugar, a red-handled tea strainer, a couple of pretty plates and an old aluminum measuring cup.

But what about that Whazzit?

If you “treasure hunt” a lot like I do, you occasionally run across an item that you can’t identify. I’m not talking about not being able to identify an item of glassware or a pattern of china. I’m saying… you hardly know how to describe it, much less what to call it.

So I hope you can help me identify this “Whazzit!”

In general, it’s a 3-D wall hanging made of wood. Each of the three “rooms” depicted have several miniature pieces of pottery, mostly mugs and bowls. There are 14 pieces of pottery, but I think there might have been a couple more in the bottom left. There seems to be glue marks that would have held something like plates or platters. The construction is very crude (dare I say “ugly”), but totally fascinating because of the tiny pottery.

Is this folk art, tramp art, prisoner art?
It's probably Trash, but could it be Treasure?

I hope you can help! 
Have you ever seen anything like this?


The Whazzit is a Whazzit no longer!!!
It’s called a Diorama and is most likely Latin American!

Many thanks to:
for identifying my mystery object!

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  1. Lovely things. It reminds me of the framed dollshouse rooms you can buy, but I've never seen one quite like this before!

  2. I have seen these in Germany! I use to have a couple that I passed along to my daughter. Yours look a little older than mine did.

  3. I love all your finds! Good junkin! I have no idea about your Whazzit but when you find out please let us know. I agree fascinating with the pottery.
    Happy Monday! hugs, Linda

  4. I wish I could help out here. Not sure about the history of this piece, but I would have been attracted to the little pottery pieces also. Love those blue bottles and your books.

  5. Don't have any idea about your whatzit.
    I do like those blue bottles and that pretzel spooner. Sweet!

  6. How interesting! I have no idea what it is but it's very neat! You found some wonderful items! I love children's books too and actually have a couple of whazzits for my vintage post this week! I'm sure you've be more help than I am! lol ♥

  7. I'm not sure what it is, but I like it! I think it is so unique and seems to be in great shape.

    You had some good finds this weekend! Good for you!

    Have a great day!

  8. I have seen the little pottery pieces before. I found them at a thrift store, it's interesting that they may have been originally part of something like this

  9. It looks a lot like a "Little Casita"-popular in Spain and Latin American countries! People like to collect them.

  10. I've seen similar pieces that were made in Mexico.

  11. Nope! Never seen one of those before, but the little pottery cups and things are adorable!

    LOVE your cobolt blue glass bottles, they really caught my eye.

    Thanks for linking up x

  12. No I've never seen anything like it, but I love it! Your other find too are such bargains x

  13. Wow, now that is interesting! Let us know if you figure out what in the world it is!


  14. I have no idea what this is. It does look like it was made in Europe.

  15. I think your whazzit is a crudely made diorama. I like old books!~Ames

  16. No clue. But loving your other finds. Can't believe you found all of those at yard sales! Way to shop!

  17. AHHH you found a pretzel sugar, HOW CUTE! and LOVE that McCoy planter...NOW your Questionable Item!!! I don't think it's anything but a diorama... Maybe a homemade project OR a souvenir... It's kind of cute...
    Have a wonderful week,

  18. Yay for yard sales..they are the best. Love the McCoy planter. Have never seen the cute thingie but I like it!!! ♥O

  19. Great finds! Your 3-D thingie looks like it is from Mexico or even New Mexico. It's kind of charming.

  20. I just found one almost identical to yours on ebay. It is a Folk art Mexican restaurant scene diorama. Here is the link to it. I love all your finds especially the blue bottles. ~~Sherry~~

  21. I'm so sorry, but I'm no help at all:( Thanks for coming to my party...hope you are having a fun time here.


  22. Such a sweet treasure- all your finds are lovely but the diorama is wonderful! :)

  23. Not related to the diorama, but do you still have the North Carolina tray pictured?


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