Thursday, April 21, 2011

"L" is for....

As I fluffed my booths yesterday at the antique mall, I realized that there’s been a lapse of several weeks since the last leg of my alphabe-tour. The next letter is “L” and I discovered several items that begin with that letter. For those of you that have become “followers” since March, this is part of a series of posts where I alphabetically show you items that can be found in my booths at Southern Antique Mall. You can find the other alphabet posts by checking the blog archive on the sidebar. Those of you that have been with me for awhile know what to expect.

So put down that laundry basket and grab a latte because there's lots to see!

“L” is for…..

Lamb on St. Mary’s Blanket box

Lamp w/lavender roses


Ladders and Luggage

Lazy Susans

Loaf pan


Limoges plate

That's it for "L".....  "M" should be ..............Marvelous!!!

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  1. What a good idea for showcasing items in your booth.
    - Joy

  2. Fun post! I love the ladles and ladders. And the lamb is so cute.

    Have a great day.

  3. "L" is also for LOVE, as love your posts!


  4. Cute! I love your little lamb!

  5. "L" stands for a lot things, including me. However, I like what you chose for it better. Very pretty things. I enjoy seeing the vintage items. I can relate to them where I am lost in this new world of technology.

  6. Oh I Love the Letter L! That Lamb on the blanket box is adorable and I remember my parents having that. Love Linens also. hugs, Linda

  7. Wow, the letter L was an easy one. Lots of Lovely things. I love that lavender lamp.

  8. The letter L is awesome, especially when we are talking about linens and Lamoges plates!

  9. LIB MR Some nice L's. Oh, I had to think of something with L's in it. That old joke came to mind. (Well I be 'em are...) Seriously - very nice post. I love the linens. I came by way of Brambleberry's link. Thanks, Jenn

  10. Oh, what great "L's"! So many Lucky, Lovely Loot! Okay, I am so bad at the alphabet thing! LOL I really like all your treasures. thank you for joining TTF! I hope you and your family Have a wonderful Easter!

  11. Lots of lovely "L's" I love the beautiful linens and the cute little lamb. Happy Easter!

  12. I love your L post and I love that you shared all of them at Treasure Hunt Thursday.

  13. I agree...L is for love! You always find so many special things to share! LOVE the lamb! Enjoy your weekend! ♥

  14. Is that my suitcase in the picture??? David brought it to me in Wisconsin filled with vintage cameras that now grace the bookshelves at my apartment and my office. Thanks for taking care of me long-distance Sherry!


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