Monday, April 18, 2011

"Focused" on Junk!

As you plunder through items at rummage sales, estate sales and thrift stores, do you ever notice that you find the same type of item several weeks in a row? It’s like your “finds” occur in cycles. No more hymnal racks this week (hopefully THAT cycle is over), but it seems that I’ve started another cycle. In Monday’s post, I told you about finding three vintage cameras. Well, it looks like cameras are now in my rummaging radar and I’m finding them wherever I look.

During this week’s visit to my favorite thrift store, I discovered a Polaroid Model 420 camera. I’m not usually drawn to Polaroid cameras, but this one was an awesome fold-out type. It was reasonably priced, so it went home with me!

The camera “cycle” didn’t stop there. Two estate sales this weekend netted two more cameras, though not as old as the ones last week.

Besides the cameras, all I found was JUNK!!!

Good junk!

An old wooden step ladder with several small cans of paint and stain (for projects)!

Some old burlap potato sacks with awesome graphics!

I also found a wood-handled round brush (which I later found out is a parts cleaning brush), a folding ruler, an old grater, a Rain King sprinkler, a cast iron receipt hook and even some handy paint stirring sticks.

Hopefully I’ve started a “junk” cycle now!

Do you ever rummage in “cycles?”

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  1. Looks like you had good luck on your cycle. I rarely find old cameras (for a good price, at least). You have got a great collection going. Great step ladder and burlap sacks, too! It does seem like most of my finds go in cycles. Although, I'd love to find more vintage fans and no such luck!

    Have a great week!

  2. you did great..that ladder looks like my husbands (he is a prof painter!) and I guess I better get out my polaroid swinger I still have to display!

  3. Love that your finding cameras. I do find the same thing, cycles. I'll find something great and then keep finding that type of item, then on to the next thing. It keeps it interesting.

  4. I really need to haul my butt over to the States!

    You get proper antique treasure in your rummage sales.

    I love all the tings in your last picture, especially the sprinkler!

    Thanks for linking up x

  5. Wow, I LOVE those old cameras! And the potato sacks are great too :-)

  6. Love your "junk" -- I think things go in cycles, too. Remember the corning ware?


  7. I love the cameras and the burlap sacks! You had another great junking weekend!

    Isn't it funny how we see things over and over?

    Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

  8. Great stuff Sherry! I can't say I've found things in cycles, but maybe I'm just not paying attention. Anyway, love those cameras.

  9. Great finds. I do find things in cycles. I wonder if it's because they are in the back of my mind and I would have over looked them otherwise. Your last junk photo is very cool!

  10. The cameras are really great! Mostly I am just bringing things home in QUANTITY! I had to make a box of things today that I have absolutely NO place to put! You didn't warn me about this, Sherry! heehee! Hugs! ♥♥♥

  11. YES! but i always chalked it up to being "more aware" of a certain object. most recently, stools and typewriter tables and kitchen carts and hassocks...yes, hassocks for sure! LOVE the cameras!

  12. I do find in cycles! I have sold all of my metal painted frames, so glad it worked for you, you think I can find any noooooo!


  13. I like the old cameras. They would look good with old photographs in a vignette. I also love on rain sprinklers. The older ones seem to be more ornate.

    You should see the old junk I have on display in my laundry room. An old coal bucket, canning jars,hangers , a fan, a rug beater, a wash tin, wash board and irons. It's stuff that speaks to me.~Ames


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