Friday, April 8, 2011

Dear Beatles

I was a young teenager in the early 1960’s. The British Invasion was occurring…..... The Rolling Stones, Herman's Hermits, The Animals and, of course, The Beatles!!!  If a Beatles song comes on the radio today, I admit I know most of the words and I'm sure to sing along. Just ask Mr. B2V!

So when I found this little book last year at an estate sale, I had to get it. I thought you all might enjoy a peek inside. It’s entitled Dear Beatles by Bill Adler and was published in 1966. Inside is a funny compilation of fan letters that the Fab Four received.

 Here's just a few of the letters:

The 45rpm record is my personal copy of “HELP!” Yep, I probably destroyed its value by signing it “way back when", but what do you know when you’re 15!

Paul was my favorite Beatle.
Who was your favorite?

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  1. Those letters were so funny and so sincere. Thanks for sharing some gentle smiles.
    - Joy

  2. Paul, of course!

    Love the letters....

    I wrote once and received a form letter back.

    SO disappointing.

    Ah, but I still love their music!

  3. Brought a smile to my face. I was a young teenager too during the Beatles exploision. Your book is too funny. ~~Sherry~~

  4. What a find! Paul was my favorite, but I was more in the Monkees era, not quite as cool. I was looking at your vintage linen soak post. I purchased that before, but never had much luck. I sell linen in my booth also, I am going to try it again, I bet i did not soak it long enough. I am impressed it took out that stain, those dark ones are almost impossible to get out!


  5. Paul was my favorite, too....and I know all of the words, too! Great memories! And I still listen to their music on my IPOD! ♥

  6. I liked Ringo but was a bit young for crushes on The fab four. The letters are a hoot.

  7. Loved Paul and Ringo. I remember dancing at my teenage cousin's party to the Beatles when I was about six, telling everyone I was going to marry Paul!

  8. My favorite was Paul too...he was "dreamy":-)
    I love the letter from the girl who had all the Beatles records but no record player...what a hoot! Great little were lucky to find it.
    Cheryl at My Sister's Cottage
    p.s. I know all the words too:-)

  9. That is just fabulous! I still love the Beatles; and my kids will listen to their music too~~

  10. Paul was my favorite, too -- but loved them all.
    Long live the Beatles!!!!


  11. What a fun find! thank you for sharing it with us! And thank you for joining me for TTG. I hope you are having a great weekend!

  12. I'm a Paul gal myself. The first album I ever purchased with my own allowance was Rubber Soul. Then, the first CD I ever bought was Rubber Soul. What an adorable book, too funny!

  13. Oh this brings back memories! I love The Beatles and all the wonderful memories these books and records bring back! hugs, Linda

  14. That is too funny!!
    The Beatles was the first 8 track I bought.

  15. OMG! I love anything Beatles, I'm that generation like you and I totally loved George and John, I even married a boy who looked so much like George Harrison! I was 13 when they debuted at the Ed Sullivan Show in 64. i'm your newest follower for sure! Those books, chewing gum cards, and more, brings so much memories!
    Thanks for sharing, it's made me so happy!
    Have a nice weekend.

  16. Hi, new follower here! I wasn't born until 75, but I grew up a big Beatles fan. I think the book is neat, I never pass up a book about them. I once found Paul's "paintings" book in the bargain bin at a bookstore for $3.00, it lives in the computer room now. & for the record, I always gravitated towards John... & Ringo. :)


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