Thursday, March 3, 2011

"I" is for....

With two booths full of vintage goodies, my alphabe-tour has been a fun and interesting way to introduce you to the items I have there. From Anchor Hocking to Hazel-Atlas, we’ve completed “A” through “H” and now it’s time for “I.” Knowing that some of you think that “I” will be impossible, I hope to intrigue and impress you with what I’ve found.

Welcome to those of you visiting for the first time. If you want to start at the beginning of the tour, check out the blog archive on the sidebar. We started with “A” back in November of last year.

“I” is for….

Iris and Herringbone depression glass
This beautiful pattern is getting hard to find and expensive to own.

Ice Crusher
This one happens to be a wall-mount model.

Ink bottles

Imperial Glass
Ashtray/pin tray in milk glass
Imperial Glass mark

Indiana Glass
Patterns left to right: Willow, Diamondpoint, Harvest, Holly


Irish Bone China
Heart-shaped ceramic box made in Galway, Ireland

Ice buckets/Ice tongs
Left to right: Ice pail by Hazel-Atlas; Ice bucket by Fostoria


 “J” is up next…………..…… “junk” anyone???

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  1. Wow, you found tons of "Is"! Those ink bottles are great! I also like the ice crusher. Can't wait for "J!"


  2. You knew someone would say this, it might as well be me! My mother has a lot of the Iris pattern. In fact everytime I see something with the iris I think of her. I have another story. When my daughters were young and if they got sick, a treat was to crush ice for them in my ice crusher similar to what you posted. (My mother did this for me too). Recently my grandson was sick and his mother crushed ice from the refrigerator door from him. She told him about how it wasn't always that easy to get crushed ice. :)

    Love your series.


  3. I love your I stuff, especially the ink bottles and ironstone. It's all good!

  4. Great "I" post! Love how you are going through the alphabet! I remember having an ice crusher like that one! So funny to think you can get it out of the refrig door now. I have two glasses I think are that Iris pattern and I love them. Looking forward to J!
    thanks for linking up to Junkin Finds Friday! hugs, Linda

  5. That ice bucket...the blue one looks like it would be perfect in my blue kitchen! I love all of your pretty things! ♥

  6. Love your treasures~ wow ~ I definitely want to see more "junk" ;-)

  7. No junk here...just great treasures. I have seen that mark before but did not know what it meant, always love to learn something new! Happy VTT!

  8. I like the Imperial Glass ashtray. I love that grapeleaf theme on it. That's because I pretty much like all milkglass!

  9. What a fun post. I love the idea of featuring items according to the alphabet. You've showcased some real treasures. Thanks for sharing. Very clever idea!

  10. You are GOOD! :) Great job-I thought "i" might be a bit difficult.
    My daughter would LOVE that Iris candleholder--two of her passions are candlemaking and Irises!
    Happy VTT!

  11. Great post and fun finds, love the ice box!

  12. Have I ever told you I like your I's? I enjoy our emails, but don't think you have visited my blog lately. I have been doing Jenny' Alphabet Thursday and hope you will read my post on U's.

  13. I am very impressed with what you found! I'm off to Goodwill to go see what I can find! Have a great weekend!

  14. "I" LOVED ALL your "I" goodies... "I" LOVE,LOVE,LOVE your "I"ris Herringbone! That is GORGEOUS and I MUST hunt for one...I Do So LOVE the thrill of the Hunt!
    Thank you for sharing all your treasures.
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Hugs, Donna

  15. I love the ice crusher. I use to have one of those when my children were little. ~~Sherry~~

  16. Such beauties. I wouldn't call them junk! The irish candelabra is just gorgeous. Too bad it isn't a pair of them. Love the shamrock in the details!~Ames

  17. Hi Sherry, what awesome finds. I have a similar ice crusher in a teal color. My Mom found it for us years ago. Your feature will be going up later on today and will be up for the rest of the night.

  18. I'm loving it all--but especially those little chunky ink bottles! And you know I love ironstone--great finds.

  19. Hi Sherry, I had your post up to go automatically, well good thing I checked, because it did not go. You are up and running.

  20. Hi Sherry,

    You found a lot of fun "I" things in this post!
    It's so much fun to see all of your finds!

    Have a great weekend.

  21. Hey Sherry,
    Found you through Debbies and I'm a Mississippi girl too. I guess transplanted counts, huh?
    What great finds!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  22. You would think "I" would be "I"mpossible -- but you proved that theory wrong. A wonderful show of treasures!


  23. Sherry, you proved that "I" is not an impossible letter - with your wonderful vintage pieces. I bet it has been quite fun choosing things from your shops for the alphabet posts.

    Thanks for linking to the party. Can't wait to see what kind of "junk" you'll be showing for "J". Junk makes "J" one of my favorite letters of the alphabet. ;)

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  24. What an interesting way to present your vintage and thrifty finds! I especially like the diamond point glass.

    ~ Tracy

  25. Gosh you have a lot if I-Inspiring pictures :) Love that blue sailboat ice bucket....never seen anything like that (plus we love colbalt anything!!)


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