Thursday, March 31, 2011

"I Pity the Fool!"

I found this cute vintage plate at a church rummage sale this morning.

It got me to thinking.....

Could this have hung

in Mr. T's kitchen

when he was a kid?

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vintage Rose: Lady Banks

Lady Banks Rose
I hope you'll indulge my gardening side once again because my Lady Banks rose bush has been spectacular this spring.

My words will be few.
Enjoy the pictures.

Named after the wife of Sir Joseph Banks,
the legendary head of the Royal Horticultural Society of Great Britain

Disease resistant

Drought tolerant


Best in full sunlight

Click here if you would like more information on Lady Banks roses.

I hope you have a beautiful day!

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Monday, March 28, 2011

"K" is for....

At the end of my “J” is for… post last week, I kidded about needing to borrow a kaleidoscope for this “K” post. My friend, Diane of Lavender Dreams, sweetly offered me one of her kaleidoscopes. Well, I’ve been kicking myself for not taking her up on her offer, because “K” has been a king-sized challenge.

With no knives, keys, knobs, kewpies, kittens, or King’s Crown anywhere in the booth, I knew that “K” was going to throw a kink in the works. But I’ve kept a keen eye on things all week and I’ve discovered a few keepsakes that I know will knock your socks off!!! So take off that kerchief and kick back because………

“K” is for….


Krome-Kraft Tidbit Server by Farber Bros

KPM Dessert Plate

Kraft gallon jar

Kitchen Kraft Mixing Bowl by Homer Laughlin
Made to go with Fiesta

Kid’s Warming Dish by Excello

Kid’s School Book – Keeping Fit for Fun


Kangaroo Man's Dresser Caddy

I can kiss “K” good-bye!!!   Hopefully “L” will be lovely!!!

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Get the Jitters!

You might say I’m addicted to coffee; so addicted that I get the jitters if I DON’T have my morning cup of caffeine. My personal preference is Classic Folgers …... no cream, no sugar ……just plain old-fashioned black coffee. I love the smell of coffee as it’s brewing in the morning. I love the taste of it AND I love the paraphernalia associated with cups, mugs, coffeepots and especially vintage coffee cans.

It all started when I bought three old one-pound coffee cans at an estate sale years ago.

Folger's, Butter-Nut, Yellow Bonnet
I don’t really know why I was attracted to them. Maybe I was drawn to their colorful vintage graphics. Maybe they just reminded me of my Dad’s workshop. His shelves were lined with old coffee cans containing a “just-in-case” assortment of nuts and bolts, nails, screws, and washers that he always kept handy.

I’ve added only a few cans to that original purchase, but I still look for them at estate sales, especially if there’s an old garage or workshop to rummage through.

I’ve never heard of Hollywood Coffee, but I found this old tin at a local yard sale.

Look! ...... It’s from "just up the road" in Jackson, Mississippi.

I like to display my collection on my pantry shelves along with old mixing bowls, fruit jars and coffee canisters.

Did you save any old coffee cans?

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Monday, March 21, 2011

“J” is for….

Spring is here…..that means spring cleaning! I spent Saturday afternoon at the Antique Mall juggling items from one display to another and adding newly-found vintage items to each vignette. While dusting and fluffing, I decided to pull aside those items starting with “J” since it’s next on the alphabe-tour. Even though I don’t sell vintage jewelry that so many of you enjoy, I hope you’ll join me anyway and I’ll make you jump with joy for the items I do sell.

“J” is for….



Jane Ray by Anchor Hocking

Juice glasses

Jamestown by Fostoria

Jell-o mold

Jeannette Glassware
Patterns left to right: Camellia, Iris & Herringbone, National, Dewdrop


 And, of course,


Good Junk

 “K” is up next ….Got a kaleidoscope I could borrow???
Just kidding!!!

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Going Green: Vintage Style

Do you “Go Green?”  Do you Re-cycle, Up-Cycle and Re-Purpose?  While commendable, sometimes we can just Re-Use an item for its original intent. For me, re-using something vintage is the purest form of “going green.”

Some of the “coolest” vintage items we can Re-Use are “fridgies.” At least that’s what Pyrex enthusiasts call them. Commonly they’re known as refrigerator dishes….practical, and often colorful, containers that are used to store leftovers in the “fridge,” hence the term “fridgie.”


Refrigerator dishes come in many sizes and shapes and were made by several manufacturers other than Pyrex. Anchor Hocking (Fire-King), McKee (Glasbake), Federal Glass and Hazel-Atlas all produced lines of refrigerator dishes. The dishes were designed to conveniently stack upon each other to optimize refrigerator space. 

Federal Glass


Even early plastics manufacturers got in on the craze with colorful containers.

Sadly, the luck of the Irish has not been with me as I’ve tried to assemble a complete set of refrigerator dishes. This is how I usually find them…..a top here, a bottom there…It’s like finding the rainbow but no pot of gold at the end!  But I'll keep looking. That's what we treasure-hunters do!!! 

Want to be green with envy?
Take a peek at The Pyrex Collective button on my sidebar to see a very desirable and complete set of aqua fridgies!

Do you use vintage refrigerator dishes?

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