Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Guess Who I Met……?!?!?

My sole purpose for starting this blog was to promote my booths at the local antique mall. I truly thought that the only people that would be interested in Back 2 Vintage would be customers that already shop with me or people that have some connection to this area of South Mississippi. Little did I know that I would make friends across the United States and even other countries.

One of the special friends I’ve met through blogging is Linda from A La Carte. Last week my husband and I took a road trip to North Carolina by way of Atlanta and Linda took precious minutes out of her day to meet us for a quick “face-to-face.” 

That’s me on the left and sweet Linda on the right. Sorry about the shadows! 

I’m here to tell you that Linda is as sweet in person as she on her blog. She greeted me with her contagious smile and a beautiful gift……a cloche!!! It is gorgeous and I’ve already put it to use as a terrarium on my side table…. I Love It!!!  Thank you, Linda!!!

I am so honored to have met Linda and if you don’t already follow her blog, A La Carte, be sure to visit and meet Linda soon. On Fridays she hosts a fun link party called Junkin Finds Friday. It’s one of my favorite link parties and I make it a priority to link up every week.

Thanks again, Linda! I am so happy to have met you!!!


Have you met any of your blogging buddies face-to-face?


  1. Hey how fun is that!!!
    Goin over to meet Linda now!

  2. That's fun being able to meet someone from here. I only know my best friend. LOL
    Maybe someday, huh?
    Hugs- Tete

  3. How great that you were able to get together! I already am a faithful follower!

  4. How great! I have yet to meet (face to face) a blog friend. Of course, just between you an me, I haven't even told my sisters that I'm blogging. The gift of the cloche is so sweet!

  5. Guess who I met....YOU!! It was awesome and you were so sweet to stop and meet me! Thank you for your gifts to me and even more for your friendship! I hope this won't be the only time we meet...I think a Junkin Finds trip is in the future, don't you! hugs, Linda

    PS Love the cloche with the plant!!

  6. How exciting getting to meet a fellow blogger! Love the cloche, what a wonderful gift from Linda.

  7. such fun!
    one day maybe i'll make it back to Laurel. :)

  8. Oh it's so nice that you two were able to meet and to see your lovely smiles in a picture!

    I often think that some of the bloggers I read and who also follow me are kindred spirits and oh, how fun it would be if we all lived near each other so as to hang out and go thrifting and antiquing!

  9. That is so great that you've met! I've "met" a fellow blogger who lives in the same town as I, but we still haven't got together yet.

  10. well, I know Cassie from Primitive & Proper, but I kind of knew her before she blogged, so that's not fair. No, I haven't met anyone, but there are some people I would love to meet in person (including you)! So, if you're ever in Maryland, give me a holler!

  11. What fun! It's always great to meet a favorite blogger! I've met several...and it makes blogging even MORE fun! Hope I can meet you some day, too! ♥


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