Monday, February 14, 2011

Get Your Top-Off!

It’s NOT what you’re thinking!!!

Here’s the dilemma………You’re in the kitchen preparing a meal. Your next recipe ingredient comes in a jar and the jar lid just won’t budge. Your jar opener (the man in your life) is unavailable.

What do you do?

  • Run the lid under hot water?
  • Get something and beat on the lid in the direction that it should open?
  • Find the rubber thingy to help you grip the lid better?
  • Take something and try to wedge between the lid and the jar?

It’s still stuck…..NOW what do you do?

 Get Your Top-Off!!!

Your vintage Edlund Top-Off Jar & Bottle Top Opener.

Place the Top-Off on the stubborn lid, turn the handle counter-clockwise until it grips the lid, then grab the jar in the other hand and keep turning the handle counter-clockwise until it opens!!!

I’ve had mine for 30+ years!

It's my Go-To Gadget for opening jars!

Works every time!!!

How do you open a stubborn jar lid???

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  1. Hi Sherry! What a very handy little gadget! I especially love that you're showing it with canning jars... they can be difficult:@) Have you tried the plastic lids for refrigerator storage yet, they work great!
    Thanks for joining the party and Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. I think my Mom had one of those! Now I'll be looking in her kitchen drawers when I visit to see if I can borrow it!

  3. Well, I normally beat the jar with a knife and then hope I don't jab myself with it. But, you gadget is a better solution.

  4. Love your red-handled jar opener :)


  5. I can see where it would give you leverage, but think you still need some good strength to get it moving.
    I use lots of determination and a few choice words.

  6. Love it -- need it -- you should see me open jars. Husband is not able to even put jam on toast, due to shoulder surgery!


  7. Thanks sooo much for following. I am following you right glad to be bloggy friends with you.:))

  8. i beat mine with a knife handle too...could use one of these!

  9. i've got one just like it..isn't it GREAT!!

  10. I need one of these!! I have to get hubby to open my jars that won't budge...I have never seen one of these, or if I did, I did not know what it was! Happy VTT!

  11. that is too cool!!! I would love to have that! (the older I get) LOL

  12. That is a great idea, but I have not seen one in years. I go through that all the time. Have used everything you suggested and others. I have gone so far as to get my neighbor to get a lid off for me.

  13. I have a rubber opener thingy, I run hot water, I beat on the rim, I turn the jar over and it thump head first onto the floor, I say a few choice words (the kind we teach our kids not to say), and eventually I get the jar open. I would love a jar opener like yours!

  14. I have several of these and they're getting tougher to find these days. The ones with this style of grip is the best, I have one with a straight edge and teeth and it doesn't work as well. When I do find them I pick them for family members. They knew how to make good kitchen gadgets back in the day.


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