Monday, February 28, 2011

No Yard Sales, But……!

There were no yard sales listed in the classifieds this past weekend.  None!  Not one! What’s a thrift-loving treasure hunter supposed to do? The weather was bee-uuu-tiful! I guess everyone is waiting for the magic “first weekend of the month” to hold their sales. Don’t they know that we’ll buy ANY weekend of the month!!!

At my mom’s suggestion, we headed just out of town to a little junk/flea market since the weather was so nice. We hadn’t checked there in a while because it has no heating or cooling and a lot of it is outside anyway.

Right away I found an old aluminum coffeepot and the lid to a Pyrex fridgie. Maybe one day I’ll find a fridgie to go with it. Lots of digging and plundering later and…......

Well, look for yourself....

That old coffeepot, Wexford glassware, a vintage aluminum mold, some Pyrex bowls, an old grater (LD are you looking?),  a teapot and …...............


It wasn’t a lost weekend after all !!!

But wait… there’s a call on the answering machine. A friend is cleaning out her attic and thinks she has some things I might like to have (at a price, of course). More digging and……..............

Well, look for yourself....

A neat old tray, a round swirled glass vase, a cute planter, a hamburger press, a linen dishtowel, a set of playing card ashtrays, cookbooks (anyone from Auburn?) and……more Pyrex!

And the begonias?
Oh, I got those from Lowes, but they made a great photo backdrop, didn’t they?

It turned out to be a great weekend!!!
How was yours?

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Friday, February 25, 2011

"H" is for....

Hallelujah!  It’s time for the next installment of the alphabe-tour. I’m so happy to show you the handful of items I found in my booths at Southern Antique Mall that start with the letter “H.” I hope you see something you like!!!

“H” is for…..

Hall Teapots

"Aladdin" oval shape in Black w/gold

"National" shape in Amtrak Blue

Hazel-Atlas Glassware
Big Top Peanut Butter jar, Egg Nog mug, Egg cup and "Ships" ice pail

Hazel-Atlas mark

Hardy Boys Books
I try to find the older editions.

I keep plenty of hankies from the daring to the dainty.

Harlequin by Homer Laughlin

Hen on a Nest
I'm always on the hunt for these...any color glass, any vintage maker.

Hobnail Compote by Fenton Glass

“H” wasn’t too hard! 
“I” is next and should be…..uh…..interesting!!!

If you are new to my blog and would like to view the other ABC-style tours, just check the blog archive on the right sidebar. We started the tour in November 2010.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Guess Who I Met……?!?!?

My sole purpose for starting this blog was to promote my booths at the local antique mall. I truly thought that the only people that would be interested in Back 2 Vintage would be customers that already shop with me or people that have some connection to this area of South Mississippi. Little did I know that I would make friends across the United States and even other countries.

One of the special friends I’ve met through blogging is Linda from A La Carte. Last week my husband and I took a road trip to North Carolina by way of Atlanta and Linda took precious minutes out of her day to meet us for a quick “face-to-face.” 

That’s me on the left and sweet Linda on the right. Sorry about the shadows! 

I’m here to tell you that Linda is as sweet in person as she on her blog. She greeted me with her contagious smile and a beautiful gift……a cloche!!! It is gorgeous and I’ve already put it to use as a terrarium on my side table…. I Love It!!!  Thank you, Linda!!!

I am so honored to have met Linda and if you don’t already follow her blog, A La Carte, be sure to visit and meet Linda soon. On Fridays she hosts a fun link party called Junkin Finds Friday. It’s one of my favorite link parties and I make it a priority to link up every week.

Thanks again, Linda! I am so happy to have met you!!!


Have you met any of your blogging buddies face-to-face?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Was No Girl Scout!

I was raised in the country so I was in 4-H. My folks raised chickens so I was on the 4-H poultry judging team!  Now don’t ask what we had to judge! Use your imagination!!!

Not being a Girl Scout, I don’t know anything about their uniforms, but I ran across this oh-so-cute scrap of cloth at a recent rummage sale. Right in the middle and on each corner of the 12” x 12” cloth is a Girl Scout emblem.

There are also colorful drawings of young Girl Scouts engaged in fun activities of the day:

Watching butterflies

Meeting friends, walking the dog and going to paint

Taking music lessons and babysitting

Going to school, playing sports and studying at the library

Camping with friends

Raking, biking, and running errands

And check this out……!!!!


I thought you had to be in 4-H for that!

Why didn’t somebody tell me?

I could have been a Girl Scout!!! 

It turns out that this little bright-colored cloth is actually a 1958 Girl Scout hankie.
I don’t remember having a 4-H hankie….I would have loved to have one of those hankies.
BUT WAIT, I would have been waaaaaay too young in 1958 to have had one!!!

Were you a Girl Scout or in the 4-H Club?

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Get Your Top-Off!

It’s NOT what you’re thinking!!!

Here’s the dilemma………You’re in the kitchen preparing a meal. Your next recipe ingredient comes in a jar and the jar lid just won’t budge. Your jar opener (the man in your life) is unavailable.

What do you do?

  • Run the lid under hot water?
  • Get something and beat on the lid in the direction that it should open?
  • Find the rubber thingy to help you grip the lid better?
  • Take something and try to wedge between the lid and the jar?

It’s still stuck…..NOW what do you do?

 Get Your Top-Off!!!

Your vintage Edlund Top-Off Jar & Bottle Top Opener.

Place the Top-Off on the stubborn lid, turn the handle counter-clockwise until it grips the lid, then grab the jar in the other hand and keep turning the handle counter-clockwise until it opens!!!

I’ve had mine for 30+ years!

It's my Go-To Gadget for opening jars!

Works every time!!!

How do you open a stubborn jar lid???

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Sweet Hearts

Rhinestone pins and depression glass bowls

Vintage hankies, buttons and bows

Trinkets and lace and heart-shaped things

These are a few of my favorite blings!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Duz" It Really Matter?

Back in the 1950s, Duz Detergent delighted buyers by including a piece of  22K-trimmed Golden Wheat dinnerware in each box of their laundry soap. Savvy homemakers of the day could assemble a set of dishes AND keep their clothes clean to boot…..a win-win situation in any decade.

Though there seems to be some doubt, it is widely accepted that Homer Laughlin was the manufacturer of the Golden Wheat china…..but “Duz” it really matter?

What does matter is that mothers and grandmothers, aunts and great-aunts collected and passed down beautiful 22K dishes that we still enjoy today. There were platters, luncheon plates, salad plates, bread & butter plates, soup bowls, berry bowls, vegetable bowls, cups & saucers, sugars & creamers, and gravy boats. There were even coordinating juice glasses and tumblers.

When I am lucky enough to find a piece of Golden Wheat, I add it to my booth offerings. It usually sells quickly which tells me that there are plenty of daughters, granddaughters and nieces still adding to their cherished heirloom sets of Golden Wheat china.

Do you have a Golden Wheat memory?

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