Saturday, January 29, 2011

Junky Bird Centerpiece

I don't normally publish a post just to link to a party, but I'm doing just that today. Donna at Funky Junk Interiors is having a link party focusing on centerpieces. Since creating a centerpiece is very similar to designing a vignette in my booth at the Antique Mall, I thought I would try my hand at it. It gives me a chance to practice creating a vignette and photographing it.

Indulging my "junky" side a bit, I started with an old round mirror and bird cage that I bought last week at an estate sale. The bird cage led to thoughts of birds (duh!) and it sort of happened from there.

I grabbed an art deco kitchen scale, an old Coke bottle, some skeleton keys, and that vintage binder clip I featured earlier this week.

I added an old woodpecker toothpick dispenser, mason jar with marbles and whatever else I could find that was rusty.

Smush them all together and what do you have?.......a Junky Bird centerpiece!!!

Join me at the Saturday Nite Special over at Funky Junk Interiors and see what all the others have created, too.

I'm also excited to link to Debbiedoo's Newbie Party on Jan 31. How about joining me there!

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Rest of the Story

Who would have guessed that “the flamingo” pictured in my previous post, “F” is for…, has a connection to The Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas? ….or does it???

According to, the elegant flamingo figurine was made especially for the opening of The Flamingo Hotel in December of 1946. Supposedly, the figurine was handpicked by Siegel to be given as a gift to all the VIPs and celebrities that attended the hotel opening. The story is further told that maybe only 200 were made and many were left or broken that night leaving only about 100 in existence today. How true this is, I can’t further verify; however, a Will-George flamingo has just been listed on Ebay that is marked Flamingo Hotel on the bottom. Perhaps some of the flamingos were commissioned and stamped specifically for the hotel’s grand opening while others were standard issue. Mine is not marked Flamingo Hotel… hoo!

What I do know is that the flamingo was made by The Will-George Company of Pasadena. Will-George was founded in 1943 by brothers William and George Climes in William’s Los Angeles garage. They manufactured high-quality porcelain artware and in the late 1930s, their work caught the attention of actor Edgar Bergen (Candace Bergen’s father) who was so impressed that he began to finance their business. With this new backing, they moved their business to a larger facility in Pasadena where they produced an extensive line of art pottery and became known for their bird, animal, and human figurines that directly competed with lines made by Royal Doulton.

My flamingo is part of an elegant 4-piece set that includes a “pond” center bowl and two “reed” candleholders.

Will-George also manufactured several coordinating flamingos in other poses. Click here to see pictures....Be sure to scroll down.

So the next time you see a flamingo figurine, check out the mark on the bottom.…you just might be holding a piece of Las Vegas history!

Linda at A La Carte loves flamingos, so I’m going to fly over to Junkin’ Finds Friday.

I'll also be linking to Vintage Inspiration Friday at Common Ground.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


It's only a binder clip.

A simple office supply object from a bygone era.

But it has style!

It has presence!

Why can't we make 'em like they used to?

I'll be partying at Vintage Thingie Thursday at The Coloradolady.

Monday, January 24, 2011

"F" is for....

Today seems like a fantastic day to continue our ABC-style tour of items that you’ll find in my booths at Southern Antique Mall. “F” is next but if you want to start with “A”, just check out the Blog Archive on the side bar…..We started this tour in November, 2010.

I actually found lots of items that start with “F”!

Do you see any of your favorites?

“F” is for………

Fiesta by Homer Laughlin
I prefer to carry the vintage colors!

Fire-King by Anchor Hocking
There's lots to choose from....jade-ite, custard cups, mixing bowls.....

egg plate with matching relish dish and French casserole (on top)

Flamingo Figurine by Will-George
This is one of the most elegant and expensive pieces I have.


Florida souvenir cup and saucer
This tiny set is red-marked Japan AND has flamingos.

Forest green glassware by Anchor Hocking
Forest green is a color found in many different Anchor Hocking patterns.

Fostoria glassware – American pattern
I also carry other Fostoria patterns when I find them.

All kinds, sizes, and conditions

and finally

French Saxon china – Pine Cone pattern

That was FUN!….........….I’m already making my list and ”G” should be GREAT!!!

I'll be joining the Tell Me Tuesday party at Vintage Pollyana for the first time. Come go with me!

Friday, January 21, 2011

It's All In How You Look At It

Mom and I braved the cold weather this morning (it was 32 degrees here, but that’s cold for us!) and went to an estate sale. I found this wonderful little plate that I want to share with you. It’s not marked and it feels like heavy restaurantware to me. I especially like the cobalt blue ring around the rim.

Did I mention that this plate was little?

Perhaps adding this teaspoon will help to put it in perspective….

Maybe this will help even more…..

This tiny little plate is called a butter pat and it’s only 3-1/4” in diameter. Butter pats were quite the fashion during the Victorian Era. You know those Victorians… they had a piece of china or glassware for every use imaginable. These little plates were the perfect size to hold a “pat” or square of butter…and everyone at the table had their very own butter pat. Many china patterns have matching butter pats while many are based on their own design. While some of them are valuable little jewels, most of them can be bought for just a few dollars each.

Since we are not as formal as the Victorians, most of us have no use for these tiny replicas of china plates; however, they can still be put to practical use today.

They are the perfect size to hold a votive candle or tealight…..

You can use one to hold your rings while you wash the dishes…….

Or perhaps you would use one to hold a name card and an after dinner mint at your next party …..

If you are looking for something small to collect, this might be just the thing. You could shop all day and still be able to carry home your day’s findings in a small tote or purse.

I’ll be linking to Linda’s Junkin Finds Friday over at A La Carte. Come join the party!

AND Debra's Vintage Inspiration Friday at Common Ground!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It’s All About the Shape!

Several of you commented on the Homer Laughlin Eggshell Swing dishes I showed you in my last post. I thought I would give you a little more information about them in particular and Homer Laughlin in general.

Identifying Homer Laughlin china can be rather confusing. Homer Laughlin “fine china” is identified by shape, not by pattern name. Swing is the shape of this china and is most easily recognizable by the unique, curly, shape of the handles. The decal on this set is HLC #TH11… doesn't sound as romantic as it looks, huh?

In an eariler post, I showed you a picture of Homer Laughlin's Brittany. Brittany is the shape, not the decal. There are several decals used on the Brittany shape. Mine have the Majestic decal so named by Woolworth’s which sold it in their stores.

 So let's recap....

Swing is the shape and can be found with several different decals AND the HLC #TH11 decal can be found on several other shapes. I told you it can be confusing!

 Well, what about the Eggshell part, you ask?

Eggshell is Homer Laughlin's thin, delicate china that is lighter in weight than their non-eggshell lines. For practical comparison, I find that my Swing dinner plate feels about the same weight as a Corelle dinner plate.

I hope this has been informative and if you find yourself falling in love with a Homer Laughlin pattern that you MUST collect, be sure you can recognize both decal AND shape if you want a matching set.

I'll be "swinging" over to the Vintage Thingie Thursday party at The Coloradolady. Won't you join me there?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

"E" is for ....

Since it’s still cold outside, it seems like a good day to continue my alphabe-tour of vintage items that you’ll find in my booths at Southern Antique Mall. If you are new to my blog and want to start from the beginning of the tour, I encourage you to check out "A" is for…., "B" is for…., "C" is for…., and "D" is for….. 

If you’re ready now, I’m excited to share with you the next edition of my alphabe-tour!

E is for……

Eagle – Pewter, dated 1976

EAPC (Early American Prescut) glassware – often called 'Star of David'
I have several pieces of this, even the hard-to-find large tumbler!

Egg Plate – for stuffed/deviled eggs
One can never have too many stuffed egg plates!

Egg Server – Tupperware
Needed in case you want to take some stuffed eggs to a party!

Eggshell Swing by Homer Laughlin

Enoch Wedgwood Charger – Pattern is 'Old Derby'

That should be enough until next time....………F should be FUN!!!

I’m joining Linda at her Junkin Finds Friday party over at A La Carte........ I’ll bring the stuffed eggs……!