Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Favorite Finds

Since today is the last day of 2010, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite finds of the year...

I found these forest green shakers somewhere in Tennessee on the Longest Yard Sale….they are Owens Illinois. The ceramic pig salt and pepper shakers are just too cute, but I haven’t been able to find out anything about them…no marks. Do you know?

This cloche is a favorite because it’s the first one I’ve been able to afford! I found it at a local thrift store.

Another thrift store find is this mercury glass bud vase. I tried to get a better pic but couldn’t. I love it because there is etching on the glass…..some damage to the mirroring inside just adds to its appeal.

I found a tattered roll of this vintage Cleo Santa wrapping paper only a few days ago. You’ll be sure to see this next Christmas…..I just don’t know yet how I’ll use it!

My very favorite find is this vintage cobalt blue Fiesta tumbler. It’s my favorite because I saw this very same tumbler at an estate sale and I didn’t buy it because I thought the price was too high. A few days later I walked into the Salvation Army thrift store and bought it for $1.99. I know it was the same tumbler because it still had the estate sale price sticker on it!!!

My last favorite is quite appropriate for New Year’s Eve…….it’s a vintage noisemaker made by U.S. Metal Toy Mfg. Co!     Oh, yes……it still makes a lot of noise!

Happy New Year!

I’ll be linking to Junkin Finds Friday at A La Carte. Join me there and bring YOUR noisemaker!

and Blue Monday with Smiling Sally.


  1. Thanks so much for joining in JFF! I love all your finds and the Fiesta tumbler from the Estate sale is priceless! I really love those green shakers! Happy New Year! hugs, Linda

  2. Good for you to wait out the Fiesta Tumbler. You have certainly found some grand items in 2010. Seeing your vintage noise maker reminds me I have a few things that would make a great New Years Eve Post....guess I'd better go find them before it's too late. Happy New Year!

  3. Hi Sherry! I would love to go on the "longest Yard Sale" someday. Fun! I love your cloche! The pig salt and pepper shakesrs are adorable and they look "Japan" to me. Not sure.

    Wishing you a Happy New Year! xxx

  4. i live in wv about 30 miles from the old owens plant. i also collect fiesta and have tons of pieces. i have never made a trip to the fiesta factory here, but i have been to an outlet store and got some good buys. enjoying your blog that i just found through the pyrex collective.

  5. You have found some fun things this year! Have a wonderful 2011! :)

  6. Great deal on that cobalt blue tumbler!

    Happy Blue Monday, Sherry.

  7. Good job on the Fiesta tumbler! Good things come to those who wait. Love the cloche too, you can create so many seasonal vignettes in it!

    Thank you for following my blog, Sherry. I'm now following yours and looking forward to reading you in 2011!

  8. The pig salt and peppers could be Shawnee Pottery.


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