Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Favorite Finds

Since today is the last day of 2010, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite finds of the year...

I found these forest green shakers somewhere in Tennessee on the Longest Yard Sale….they are Owens Illinois. The ceramic pig salt and pepper shakers are just too cute, but I haven’t been able to find out anything about them…no marks. Do you know?

This cloche is a favorite because it’s the first one I’ve been able to afford! I found it at a local thrift store.

Another thrift store find is this mercury glass bud vase. I tried to get a better pic but couldn’t. I love it because there is etching on the glass…..some damage to the mirroring inside just adds to its appeal.

I found a tattered roll of this vintage Cleo Santa wrapping paper only a few days ago. You’ll be sure to see this next Christmas…..I just don’t know yet how I’ll use it!

My very favorite find is this vintage cobalt blue Fiesta tumbler. It’s my favorite because I saw this very same tumbler at an estate sale and I didn’t buy it because I thought the price was too high. A few days later I walked into the Salvation Army thrift store and bought it for $1.99. I know it was the same tumbler because it still had the estate sale price sticker on it!!!

My last favorite is quite appropriate for New Year’s Eve…….it’s a vintage noisemaker made by U.S. Metal Toy Mfg. Co!     Oh, yes……it still makes a lot of noise!

Happy New Year!

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

"D" is for....

If you’ve been following my alphabetical tour of vintage items I have in my booths at the Antique Mall, you know that “D” is next. I sat down to make my list and began to wonder if “D” didn't stand for Don’t Know! ……I couldn’t think of ANYTHING…..I began to get a little desperate! OK, dolls would be a D, but I don’t have any dolls at the moment…..uh, dogs? dog figurines……ducks? that cute duck bank sold last month! Maybe this ABC-thing wasn’t a good idea!

Finally after some digging (and dictionaries), I discovered a few “D”s after all…..

Daisy and Dot Pottery by Marcrest

Delft Pottery

Depression Glass - various patterns/colors

Diamond Optic

Mayfair Open Rose




Dr. Zhivago soundtrack …I told you I was getting desperate!

Dutch Oven

Other “D” items are Diamondpoint glassware, decanters and dinner plates in various patterns.

WHEW!    D is Done……E should be Easy!…….…Hmm?

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Monday, December 27, 2010

It’s a Wonderful Life!

Some people are just hard to buy for. Our good friend, Larry, is one of those people, but when I saw this poster taped to the door at the Antique Mall, I had an idea.

Larry’s favorite movie is It’s a Wonderful Life. The Youth of the First Methodist Church planned to air two showings of the movie at our historical movie theatre, the Arabian Theatre, as a fundraiser. The poster I saw was an advertisement promoting the event. I’ll tell you more about The Arabian later.

I asked if I could have the poster and they gave me an extra copy that they had….Perfect! Now what? At this point I really didn’t have a clear idea of how I wanted to proceed; I just knew that I wanted to do something special. Rather than plan every detail, I just let the project develop as I went along. Do you ever do that or do you have everything planned before you start?

I started with a wooden tray that I had bought when a small needlepoint shop in town closed. I think it is meant to be used as a serving tray displaying a needlepoint tapestry under glass.

There were no handles or glass, so I had glass cut at a local glass shop and found some handles at a building supply….but I wanted to do more than just put the poster under glass.

I remembered that Jimmy Stewart had a line in the movie where he said something about lassoing the moon for Donna Reed. That seemed to fit the picture of Stewart and Reed that was on the poster. So… I needed to find a picture of the moon and the EXACT quote about lassoing the moon…....Larry can practically quote the script! A quick Google search and I had the exact words of the script and another search at The Graphics Fairy and I had lassoed the moon! A bit of twine could serve as the actual lasso…….but now how should I put it all together?

I decided to tackle the “lasso the moon” quote first. I thought the lines of script would look best if written in a curved configuration to match the curve of the movie title on the poster. I’m an amateur calligrapher so I wanted to letter the quote by hand. I drew some guidelines for the lettering and after a couple of attempts I was satisfied with the layout and my lettering.

I printed the moon in several sizes and played with the different sizes and the twine/lasso.

The twine, though thin, raised the glass above the surface of the tray, so I learned that I needed to place some twine below the poster so the glass would lay flat. After playing “collage” with all the pieces, I used some removable glue dots to secure everything in place and here’s the result………..

It was a HIT!!!

More about our theatre: The Arabian Theatre is Laurel’s wonderful Moroccan Art Deco theatre that opened in 1927. It is now owned by The Laurel Little Theatre which produces four plays each year. Their diligence to restore and renovate the old theatre has preserved an architectural jewel for our city and, if that wasn’t enough, they have been a springboard for the careers of several well-known actors. If you want to know more about the Arabian Theatre or the Laurel Little Theatre, click here.

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Quick and Easy Centerpiece

It’s funny how one phone call can change your whole schedule. Unexpected guests were arriving within the hour and I needed a centerpiece for my breakfast table…..Something QUICK, something EASY… time to buy ANYTHING!

I pulled together some plain vintage ornaments, some small pinecones and sweet gum tree balls, a small cloche that I had just bought from a local thrift store, a metal tray, a small grapevine wreath and a few feet of gold cording.

First I placed the grapevine wreath in the center of the metal tray. The cloche base did not fit into the opening of the wreath (wouldn’t you know), so I put a can in the center to lift it up.

Next I prepared the cloche by turning it upside down and filled it with the ornaments, pinecones and sweet gum balls. I then placed the bottom of the cloche on top of the upside-down-cloche and turned it right-side-up (did that make sense?) and placed it on the can.

I completed the look by tying the gold cord around the knob of the cloche and putting the extra ornaments, pinecones and sweet gum balls around the wreath. QUICK & EASY and I just used what I had on hand.

Quick and Easy Options: Don’t have a cloche, use a glass cheese dome or cake cover with a plate as the base. If you go with the cake cover you’ll need a lot more pinecones!!! No vintage ornaments, use NEW ornaments, small toys, peppermint candies or candy canes. No metal tray, use a gold or silver charger or a pretty placemat. No gold cord, use twine or yarn or eliminate it altogether. Bottom line: use whatever you have on hand that is festive and fun.

So much to do!

So little time!

Think Quick and Easy!

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

"C" is for.......

Come on along as we continue our journey through the ABC’s of vintage items and collectibles that can be found in my booths at Southern Antique Mall. If you are new to my blog…….WELCOME…..and if you prefer to start at the beginning of the alphabetical tour, read “A” is for…..  and “B” is for….

If you're ready, "C" is for............

Cake plate and cover

Candelabra – wrought iron w/4 votives

Candle snuffer

Canisters – set of 4 Moon and Star in amber

Chianti bottle

Clarice Cliff soup bowl – Janice pattern

Clock – wind-up, alarm

Coca-Cola collectibles

Coffeepot – Red percolator


Cookie Mold – by Longaberger

Covered Casserole by Homer Laughlin

Cups and Saucers

Other items include……….calendar towels, candle holders, candlewick glassware and, of course,  Christmas items!

Happy Shopping!

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