Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Second Chance Chalkboard

We all need a second chance sometimes....a do-over....a mulligan.…a rescue. I wanted a large chalkboard for a special display at the Christmas Open House this weekend. I’ve seen lots of different things used as chalkboards but I couldn’t find anything large enough for my design…at least nothing that I could spray with chalkboard paint. Then I remembered a large magnet board I had created several years ago that had never sold and I had finally just put it in the attic. I had painted and crackled a large frame, then covered a piece of sheet metal with material in a golf motif. My hubby even cut a golf ball in half and I made magnets out of them and a couple of tees. I guess I was the only one that had thought it was clever.

The crackling on the frame still looked pretty good, so I decided it deserved a second chance as a chalkboard. I took it all apart, removed the material from the sheet metal, sanded the metal lightly and applied several coats of chalkboard paint.

After letting it dry for the allotted 24 hours, I cured it by rubbing the surface with the side of a piece of chalk and then erased the chalk with a chalkboard eraser.

Lastly I reinstalled the new chalkboard in the old frame....and because I had started with a piece of sheet metal…… is also still a magnet board!

Check back soon and I’ll show you how I used this Second Chance Chalkboard in my special display this weekend…..or even better, be at the Open House and see it for yourself!

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