Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lucky 13th

Usually I post only about items that I have already found, cleaned up and taken to the Antique Mall. This post is different, though, because yesterday, the 13th, was YOUR lucky day! I just couldn’t wait to tell you what I found for those of you that love aqua, red or pink kitchenware.

Here’s a picture to tease you. Can you spot “your” treasure?

Look closely, there’s a stack of aqua Mel-Mac cereal bowls sitting in a vintage red dish drain. A pink apron with Battenberg lace is hanging on a large vintage frame. Of  course, I found other things…….You’ll also see a embroidered hand towel, an apron that warns that the wearer is a “wolf in chef’s clothing,” a heavy wrought iron bracket, a vintage coffeepot, a rattan reindeer and a 1972 Foxfire book.

I also found a couple of things for those of you that love vintage Christmas items.........
There’s a Shiny Brite tree topper in original box, a Coby tree topper in original packaging, a Longaberger Santa cookie mold, and a beautiful deer/geese/holly tin box.......and they are already at the Mall!

I’ve been doing more that just “treasure hunting.”  Come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you about this cute Santa “postcard.”

On Wednesday I’ll tell you about my latest furniture rescue. This is what it looked like when I found it....

And one day soon I’ll tell you the story about this glittered heart.............

Until then.............

I'll be linking to Junkin Finds Friday over at A La Carte.....


  1. Sherry--do I see some empty picture frames in this collection of goodies? I need some frames (wood and all sizes) to put in the apartment. Can't wait to get home to shop with you!

  2. Yes you do, Lajuan....I have several more that are not pictured. Hope you get home soon!

  3. Sherry welcome to Junkin Finds Friday! I hope you will come back again! It's a fun party! I love all your finds and I'm so glad you reposted this to join in the party! Hugs to you and a very Merry Christmas too! Linda


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