Friday, November 5, 2010


It was those curves and that carving that caught my eye when I saw a sad-looking side table at a local thrift store. I knew she needed rescuing, but I actually walked away……I just had too many projects to add another one to the mix. Then I dreamed about that curvy table! I hardly ever remember my dreams so to dream about the table and remember that I dreamed about it meant that I should have bought it. Even though it had been a week, she was still at the thrift store…. waiting for me….waiting to be rescued!

I started with a good cleaning and lots of sanding. Then it was on to priming, 2 coats of mis-tinted paint from Lowe’s and then some more sanding to give her a distressed look. I finished with a couple of coats of Johnson’s paste wax to protect the color and...........

She’s still curvy, but now she’s beautiful in her new robin’s egg blue color!

She’ll be “showing some leg” at the Open House on Sunday.
Come meet her!

I’ll be linking to Miss Mustard Seed’s Furniture Feature Friday!


  1. Those are the exact style tables I love to find. You always know they are going to be fabulous in the end. Like you said, it's all in the curve. Your end product turned out great!

    Take care,

  2. Simply fantastic! So glad you rescued it! :)


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