Sunday, November 28, 2010

I’ve Been Framed!

Why did I buy yet another frame? Do you do that? Why do we do that?

I bought this frame because it was made of wood and it was cheap…..less than $1.00 cheap! It’s fairly small, only 7 x 8, and it had one, er….two problems. The miters on opposite corners were not cut properly and they each had a pretty noticeable gap. Mr. B2V beat me to the “before” picture and had already filled in those corners with spackling, so the “before” picture is a little more like “during.”

After the spackling dried, I sanded the corners to smooth them and decided to paint the frame with some muted gold mis-tinted paint from Lowe’s.

A little sanding and the frame looked like this…..and the color shows up better in this picture.

Nice, but it still seemed a bit too plain and boring. I've wanted to make one of those burlap rosettes that I've seen on other blogs and I thought that a rosette would also cover one of those corner gaps even more. At this point I was “winging it”, but this is how I did it……

I had an old curtain that was made out of light-weight burlap......

I had actually used a swatch of the curtain to try printing on fabric with my inkjet printer. That project is here if you’re interested. Since I had plenty left over, I decided to use more of the curtain. I cut a strip about 12” long and 3” wide and folded it lengthwise with the bottom of the fold being about one-half inch wider than the top. I then ironed the fold.

Gathering the material to make the rosette became the tricky part. First I put a dot of hot glue on the fold about a quarter inch in from one end (pencil is pointing to it). I did this because I was going to pull a thread for gathering the material and I didn’t want it to pull all the way through.

Then I went to the other end of the strip, started pulling a single thread, and began gathering the material. I had to be very careful because I could tell that the thread could break easily. If you are a sewer, you could run a basting stitch to do the gathering. I just didn’t want to get out my old sewing machine.

After completing the gathering I ran another line of hot glue and glued the ends together.

The rosette now looked like this. I happen to like the little strings of raveling and you can play with the edges, folded under at little, raveled a little, etc.

For the center, I found a cute button that mimics the look of a crocheted flower. I didn’t like the look of the two holes, so I cut a thin strip of the material, fed it through the holes, tied it once and clipped the ends to about one inch.

A little hot glue attached the button to the center of the rosette.

More hot glue attached the rosette to the frame at one of the faulty corners, and this is the result....

I like it!……I guess that means I’ll be buying more frames, huh?

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

“Warm” Thanksgiving Wishes

With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us, I thought I would share this photo with you.

I took this photo just a few days ago….November 12. If you live in the deep South like I do, you will understand how this picture represents the irony of autumn down here. This beautiful maple leaf had just fallen on my lawn which had been mowed the day before. Think about it…..autumn leaves are falling but it’s still warm enough for grass cutting.

We do have all four seasons here…..some of those seasons are just not as long as in other parts of the country…..and summer is much longer. But I am truly thankful that God has allowed me to live in a great country where I can enjoy the seasons in the company of a wonderful family and loyal friends.

“Warm” and Happy Thanksgiving Wishes to you and yours!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

“A” is for…………

I was trying to decide just what to write about next and, after hitting a few yard sales and thrift stores yesterday, I realized that I had bought several items whose color or description started with the letter "A". I also have numerous items in my booth that claim "A" as their beginning letter. Furthermore, all of these items fall under the general heading of……….you guessed it, ANTIQUES.

By definition, “antique” means that the object is at least 100 years old. I think, though, that we all tend to use the term loosely. I don’t have anything for sale that is 100 years old; therefore, I prefer to use the term “vintage”…meaning “not made anymore” (at least in my dictionary).

So whether you term them “antique” or “vintage” just look around my booths and you’ll find that “A” is for………………

Alabama souvenir metal tray

American Fostoria glassware



Apricot McCoy vase


Aqua Pyrex casserole


Avon Cape Cod glassware

I hope you have found this little tour amusing and that you will go by the Antique Mall and check out any item that appealed to you. If you do, I’m sure you will find even more awesome items that will amaze you.

Would I possibly consider going through the whole alphabet with a series of posts similar to this one?


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lagniappe Table

Lagniappe (lan’-yap) – a little something extra or an unexpected gift or benefit.

There’s a local thrift store that I visit frequently and I had seen this bedside table there several times. The drawer was missing and I knew that I couldn’t build one, so I didn’t consider buying it even though I knew it was a good piece otherwise.

During one of those visits, I finally took a closer look at it. I might not be able to build a drawer, but it was made such that I could fashion a shelf where the drawer was supposed to be. The support pieces were there, I just needed a thin piece of plywood for the shelf. I bought the table.

My hubby cut a piece of thin plywood for the shelf and I found a strip of balsa wood that I used to finish off the front edge of the shelf.

I would need to paint the shelf first before gluing it in place because I wouldn’t be able to paint it once the shelf was in place. The table itself had already been stripped (another reason to buy it), so I sanded it a bit, primed it and applied 2 coats of Lowe’s mis-tint paint that I had leftover from another project.

I glued the shelf in place with Gorilla Glue.

So what does this have to do with lagniappe?  Well, as I was painting the table I noticed that there was a groove cut into 3 sides of the back of the table.

Obviously the table once had a back on it. I decided to use that feature to give this table a little something extra…..something unexpected….. some lagniappe.  I cut a piece of heavy cardboard to fit into the groove, found some material to match the paint and used Mod-Podge to glue the fabric to the board.

With the fabric back in place, this pretty bedside table now has that little extra some-um some-um……..lagniappe!

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Postcard Ornament

It’s been all over the blogs, but I had to prove it to myself. And, yes, your inkjet printer really CAN print on material! After watching/reading several tutorials about how to use your inkjet printer to print on burlap or other fabric, I just had to try it. I followed Kelli Wright’s tutorial at Re-Store Interiors. She did such a good job that I won’t even try to improve on it. Click here to see it.

For my test run, I decided to use a cute Santa postcard that The Graphics Fairy had posted last week. I used Word and arranged four postcards on the screen (landscape orientation) making sure that I had at least 1" at the top of each postcard....I'll tell you why later. I adhered my material to a piece of printer paper just like Kelli instructed. I put it in the paper tray of my printer, checked the print preview, hit print and held my breath. Here's what I saw coming out of my printer.........


I could tell the material would ravel easily, so I ran a loose machine stitch along the bottom and sides of the postcards.  I cut out the postcards leaving about a quarter of an inch margin at the bottom and sides. I folded under that 1” margin at the top and stitched it so that I had a small pocket to accept the hanging dowel (you could use a twig for a more rustic look).

I inserted the dowel, added some twine for hanging and here's the finished ornament….perfect for the Christmas tree or maybe just as an adornment for a doorknob or kitchen cabinet knob.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lucky 13th

Usually I post only about items that I have already found, cleaned up and taken to the Antique Mall. This post is different, though, because yesterday, the 13th, was YOUR lucky day! I just couldn’t wait to tell you what I found for those of you that love aqua, red or pink kitchenware.

Here’s a picture to tease you. Can you spot “your” treasure?

Look closely, there’s a stack of aqua Mel-Mac cereal bowls sitting in a vintage red dish drain. A pink apron with Battenberg lace is hanging on a large vintage frame. Of  course, I found other things…….You’ll also see a embroidered hand towel, an apron that warns that the wearer is a “wolf in chef’s clothing,” a heavy wrought iron bracket, a vintage coffeepot, a rattan reindeer and a 1972 Foxfire book.

I also found a couple of things for those of you that love vintage Christmas items.........
There’s a Shiny Brite tree topper in original box, a Coby tree topper in original packaging, a Longaberger Santa cookie mold, and a beautiful deer/geese/holly tin box.......and they are already at the Mall!

I’ve been doing more that just “treasure hunting.”  Come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you about this cute Santa “postcard.”

On Wednesday I’ll tell you about my latest furniture rescue. This is what it looked like when I found it....

And one day soon I’ll tell you the story about this glittered heart.............

Until then.............

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