Friday, October 29, 2010

A Star-Studded Attraction

Mom and I went to a local estate sale a few weeks ago and found this cute little table.

All of the other furniture in the room was loaded with plates, figurines and such but this little table was unadorned ….just sitting alone in the corner. Yep…..a rescue was in progress! I really liked the curvy style of the table. It had already been painted a bright white which I was not too fond of…..but I was especially attracted to the oh-so-neat star-shaped studs at the top of each leg.

With so many things needing to be accomplished before the Open House next week, I decided to stay with a lighter color…..just warming it up a bit with a creamy paint. Here it is with new paint….a little sanding….and some emphasis on those legs! The “before” and “after” is not that dramatic in the photos (sorry!) since the colors are only steps apart on the paint strip but if you could see it in person you would have stars in your eyes, too!

Out of this world!


  1. I love it! The distressing really brings out the little stars!

  2. Thanks, Kim. Those stars really made this little table something special.


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