Sunday, September 19, 2010

These are a few of your favorite (vintage) things --- Part One

Even though you shop for and buy a myriad of vintage items, there are some items that are popular enough that I will always try to keep them……that is, if I can find them. When you visit my booths you will usually find these collections/patterns because they are the most requested and purchased items.

Wexford Glassware. Made by Anchor Hocking between 1967-2000. The stemware, platters and butter dishes seem to be the most popular pieces.

Old Record Albums. Some of these old albums can sure bring back memories.

Old Bottles…..medicine bottles, soda bottles, wine bottles (empty, of course….for your bottle tree!)
BTW, the brown object is an old beehive insulator.

Pink Depression Glass…..Warning! All patterns are getting harder for me to find.

The newest favorite is Corning Ware… stands the test of time and temperature!

If YOUR “favorite thing” was not mentioned, check back….maybe it will appear in Part Two!

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