Thursday, September 23, 2010

These are a few of your favorite (vintage) things --- Part Two

How do I know what things are your favorites?...........Well, frankly, they are the items that sell the most often…..the things that disappear from the booth the quickest!

Here are some more of your favorites……………..(check out Part One below this post)

Roosters….all kinds of roosters on all kinds of things like plates, canisters and creamers.  I wonder if these three colorful guys are talking about the hens in the next booth! The white rooster is Westmoreland's rooster-on-a-nest in milk glass. Mr. Mom?

Metal Trays…… they come in many shapes and sizes….some with advertising (like Coca-Cola) some with nostalgic scenes like the Currier & Ives tray. I’m always on the lookout for these state souvenir trays…Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, etc.

Salt & Pepper Shakers…..all shakers are popular whether they be in glass patterns, china patterns or figural like the fruit on a leaf shakers shown to the right. Hazel Atlas made the set in the back and in the front are the hard-to-find shakers from Currier & Ives......Have you ever seen Salty and Peppy on sticks?

Juice Glasses……these little jewels are practical and so cute. The most popular ones have printed designs. The ivy glasses are made by Federal Glass. There is a matching decanter, but I haven’t been able to find it. Maybe you have one already.

And finally… Kitchen Utensils……especially those with red or green wooden handles and ones made of enamelware like the blue/white speckled spoon.

So did I mention your favorite?    No?   Well, what is YOUR favorite?    If I knew, I would look harder, I would search more diligently and I would dig deeper for your favorite vintage treasure.

Let me know! Treasure-hunting starts today…….

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