Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Color It Vintage!

Let’s face it…..we are all attracted to color. Most of us have a favorite color or a favorite color combination or a range of colors… bright colors, pastel colors, earthy colors, or neutral colors. Our color choices say a lot about our personality or about our mood. So when you are shopping, what colors catch your eye....which colors draw you into a space….make you want to take a closer look? Vintage items come in many colors. Which colors attract you?

Is it that 50’s turquoise?

Maybe it’s cobalt blue?

Or maybe cornflower blue?

Does yellow brighten your day?

Or does orange set you on fire?

Is pink your passion?

Or do you think red is rad?

Whether it’s turquoise, blue, red, pink, yellow or orange…….Color It Vintage!

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