Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Time to Show Some Fall Colors

A couple of weeks ago, I told you about some of the items I bought when I was invited to preview a friend’s upcoming yard sale. I promised that I would show you more of the great things I bought that day and I’m fulfilling that promise with this post.

Booth display

I didn’t show you these particular items because I wanted to wait until after Labor Day when I like to create at least one booth display in fall/Halloween colors. I hope you like orange and black!

This large orange ceramic lazy susan with a black revolving base is perfect for fall parties…

You’ll also need orange placemats and napkins…

You can invite everyone to the party on your orange trimline phone…

And be sure to serve some goodies on this large starry owl Couroc of Monterrey tray...

I also have a seasonal project to show you, too. I know you’ve seen the pumpkins made out of rusty mason jar rings. They are all over Pinterest and the DIY blogs. Well, I had to try one for myself.

I used 14 jar rings, a stick from the yard, burlap “leaves” and some jute rope to tie it all together.

I also glued the rings to a circle of cardstock on the bottom of the pumpkin just to give it a little extra support.

I’m ready for cooler weather! 
How about you?

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Projects aPlenty!

I hope everyone had a relaxing Labor Day weekend! There were no yard sales or estate sales to shop around here, but I had plenty of projects to occupy my time. I will be holding some of these items for the upcoming Christmas Open House in early November. Other projects will go straight to the booth. Tell me what you think.....

I found an old cutting board a few months ago. I also bought some cabinet handles at a local salvage store because I thought they would come in handy one day. I used dark walnut stain to darken it, applied a coat of paste wax and added the handles.



I picked up this luggage rack at an estate sale 2 years ago. It’s been patiently sitting in the garage waiting for repair.



Two wooden lantern bases I bought recently needed a little something extra. That something was a little paint. I dry-brushed red paint on the dark one, chalkpainted the flat one, waxed them and added a hurricane globe to each.



Lastly, a little fold-up camping stool needed some lovin’......


 The leg from an old pair of jeans, plus a few special touches of embroidery…

And this little stool can “rough it” outdoors or "be cute" indoors….


 Do you have a favorite?

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Preview Pick!

I count it as an honor when a friend invites me to preview a downsizing/estate sale before the actual event. It’s fun for me, I get to buy before the other shoppers, the friend doesn’t have to price as many items AND she gets some free appraisals in the process.

That honor was bestowed on me a few days ago so Mom and I got to spend a couple of hours digging, picking and buying some great items. I’m sharing just a few of the things that I purchased that day and will be showing more in an upcoming post… I promise!

We found a Sadler teapot and three teak trivets….

A pair of ceramic “cabbage leaf” candle holders….wax drippings included!

A set of 6 French ramekins….

A pretty celluloid vanity box…..

And finally, a pair of binoculars with case and a vintage Aladdin vacuum bottle with its original packaging still attached.


Old friends are the best antiques!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Unusual For Me!

I’ve bought some things in the last few weeks that are hard for me to find or rare for me to buy. I have already told you about the 5-gallon pickle jar I bought last week, but here are a few more items I haven’t shared with you…..

I love Cosco kitchen step stools but they are hard to find and even harder to find in good shape. I couldn’t believe I scored this one last weekend….

Vintage suitcases are getting scarce locally, but I found this Samsonite at a local estate sale. It is in great shape and even has the key!

Jadeite is always on my shopping list, but I rarely find it. This 11.5” Fire-King restaurant ware platter was a great score for me.

Needlepoint is popular for covering chairs, stools and benches and I hit the mother lode recently. This is just a sample of several canvases I bought, both completed and unworked. Check out the petit point canvas on the left.

Over the years, I have sold a few examples of the things I’ve listed above, but last weekend I purchased something for the first time ever.

Yep….I bought my first blow mold item. This cute little snowman and his mini-me is only 12” tall. He’ll make his debut at our Christmas Open House this year.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

One Big Sale

There was only one estate sale this weekend, so it was a no-brainer to check it out. I had viewed the pictures on estatesales.net and didn’t really see anything that interested me; but of course, the pictures don’t show everything and I filled 2 boxes with vintage treasures. Here’s what I found……

Vintage kitchenware… graniteware plate, Hazel Atlas criss-cross reamer, wood-handled utensils and an aluminum pitcher…

Fenton carnival glass dish…..

Vintage patchwork apron…..

More aprons….  Christmas is just right around the corner, you know.

Crystal salad set….

What? No Pyrex, you ask…..  Well, I did buy this mini refrigerator dish for its lid. I plan to put the faded bottom in my booth with a sign to read…. “This is what happens when you put colored Pyrex in the dishwasher… Don’t do it!”

Please hand wash your colored Pyrex!

As I was about to leave the sale, I saw a rather large Mason Jar; 5-gallons large to be exact. My initial research suggests that it once held pickles. I bought it and the one-quart Presto fruit jar that sits next to it.

Pickle, anyone?

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Two Big Sales

Why is it that the really good sales are all scheduled at once? Last weekend we had to choose between the City-Wide Rummage Sale held at our large multi-purpose center and a 14-mile yard sale held in a neighboring community. Actually we were able to attend both, but we went to the City-Wide Sale first. By the time we made it to the 14-mile sale, most sellers had packed up; however, we did find some goodies at both venues……

I found a pretty hand-painted plate dated 1954 as well as a sweet figurine of two birds on a branch…..

I picked up two more pretty plates by Myott in the Forget-Me-Not pattern. I also bought a bell jar/cloche with no top handle but if you look closely you can see a hole in the top so it will be easy to add an interesting knob…..

A vintage planter featuring an old-fashioned water pump called out to me….

And three cute kittens called out as well….

I broke my rule of not buying partial china sets (again), but English transferware is hard to pass up. This pattern is Rosedale by Wood & Sons.

Pyrex is always on my focus list….

And I couldn’t pass up this Sunbeam Vacuum Coffeepot. I love its art deco styling but I’m not very familiar with the way it works.

Do any of you have experience with a vacpot?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"H" is for Happy!

Even though it’s “yard sale season,” there just doesn’t seem to be as many sales this year. The temps have been quite hot so maybe that has been a factor; however, Mom and I did get out to one yard sale and a small estate sale last weekend. I’m very HAPPY with the things we found. Take a look…….

You can never have too many wooden hangers and yardsticks, can you?

Mom spotted 2 cobalt wire-top canisters and I found a starfish paperweight that will look great in the beach display in my booth.

These brass napkin rings will also fit my beach/nautical theme. There are 2 boxes of 4 different napkin rings still wrapped in plastic…never used. I’m HAPPY!

Trivets are always practical. I bought two oval wire trivets and the “bread warmer” is made by Frankoma.

Utensils always sell well for me. I really like that sling-type sifter & the unusual handle on the ladle.

I “Heart” Pyrex and I’m always HAPPY to bring some home!

These books are 100 years old! I was told the grandfather was a preacher.

Finally I found this sweet little candy dish at the bottom of a stack of dishes. I loved its etched work and little handles. It's only 6" in diameter.

Once I got home and was washing it, I felt something rough on the bottom and tried to scrape it off with my fingernail thinking is was just price sticker residue. The roughness would not scrape off. Wait! Maybe it’s a maker’s mark! I dried it off and took it to the nearest window….. Look! An “H” in a diamond!

That stands for HEISEY!!!