Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"H" is for Happy!

Even though it’s “yard sale season,” there just doesn’t seem to be as many sales this year. The temps have been quite hot so maybe that has been a factor; however, Mom and I did get out to one yard sale and a small estate sale last weekend. I’m very HAPPY with the things we found. Take a look…….

You can never have too many wooden hangers and yardsticks, can you?

Mom spotted 2 cobalt wire-top canisters and I found a starfish paperweight that will look great in the beach display in my booth.

These brass napkin rings will also fit my beach/nautical theme. There are 2 boxes of 4 different napkin rings still wrapped in plastic…never used. I’m HAPPY!

Trivets are always practical. I bought two oval wire trivets and the “bread warmer” is made by Frankoma.

Utensils always sell well for me. I really like that sling-type sifter & the unusual handle on the ladle.

I “Heart” Pyrex and I’m always HAPPY to bring some home!

These books are 100 years old! I was told the grandfather was a preacher.

Finally I found this sweet little candy dish at the bottom of a stack of dishes. I loved its etched work and little handles. It's only 6" in diameter.

Once I got home and was washing it, I felt something rough on the bottom and tried to scrape it off with my fingernail thinking is was just price sticker residue. The roughness would not scrape off. Wait! Maybe it’s a maker’s mark! I dried it off and took it to the nearest window….. Look! An “H” in a diamond!

That stands for HEISEY!!!


Monday, July 21, 2014

"Knot" Another Hang-Up!

I have noticed the use of rope and twine in many of the recent interior décor catalogs. 

Pottery Barn catalog
With so many items covered in rope and sisal, I guess it’s not surprising that macramé has become part of that trend. There seems to be a difference, though. Today’s macramé seems to be lighter in appearance than the macramé of a few decades ago. Where one could hardly see a plant peeking out from a heavily knotted jute plant hanger of the 70’s, the new macramé is thinner so the container it holds, often clear glass, is more visible.

Since I made some of those heavy plant hangers back in the 70's, I decided to try my hand at knotting some of the new lighter versions. I had long ago thrown away my macramé instruction books, but I did a little online research, bought some jute from Hobby Lobby and just made up the designs as I went along. I was surprised how many of the knotting techniques came back to me once I got the cord in my hands.

I call my knotted creations “Hang-ups” (not just plant hangers) because they can hold so much more than plants. For example, one could fill the glass bowl with seashells, colored glass, broken china bits, sea glass, trinkets, etc. 

I've displayed my “Hang-ups” above a newly-created beach tablescape in my booth.

Did you recognize the striped tray above from this post?

A little chalkboard paint transformed an old clipboard.... now it's an instant to-do list and photo holder!

The top of a vintage picnic basket looked drab and sad to me, 

So I re-painted it with a two-tone aqua chevron design.

 Do you remember Macrame?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I Own Part of an Empire!

Well, maybe not a REAL empire but a piece of Empire Green china!

A sweet customer of mine recently told me about a beautiful china pattern with a large pink flower in the center and a rich wide green border. She said it was called Empire Green and made by Homer Laughlin China. Since I love to learn about new things, I did a little research on Ebay and Replacements. She was right. It was very elegant. I had never seen the pattern “in person” until a couple of weeks ago when I found and bought 3 gorgeous pieces at an estate sale.

Empire Green dinner plate, 16" oval platter & covered vegetable bowl

Empire Green was, indeed, made by Homer Laughlin but is not marked as such. The pattern was sold by the Century Service Corporation which was a part of Cunningham and Pickett. This is the mark on my platter. 

Even though the china is not marked with the usual HLC mark, it can be found in HLC books and under HLC listings online.

Do You Own Part of an Empire?

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Red, White and Blue to You!

I haven’t shared many booth pictures lately, so I thought I would give you a glimpse of my all-American red, white and blue table display. I hope it will put you in the holiday mood as we get ready to celebrate our country's independence.

Have a safe and festive holiday!

If you are in the area, stop by!!!
We are having a store-wide July sale!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Child's Play

I don’t buy many vintage children’s items, but I have found several lately that I haven’t told you about. I’ve discovered them at estate sales, church sales, storage unit sales and thrift stores.

I know I’ve shown you a group of Little Golden Books recently, but here’s yet another stack I found at a church rummage sale….

There were other children’s books, too…..

Remember Holly Hobbie? This high chair is just the right size for a favorite doll...

A little pink rocking chair is the sweetest thing I’ve seen in a while and is sized for a doll or a stuffed bear…..

decal on back of rocking chair

A child’s plate is very practical. Notice the wear to the decal on the bottom section…

But can you imagine feeding a child in this unusual embossed metal plate?

The rim is decorated with the alphabet, but the center shows two birds (one is dead!). It reads, Who killed cock robin…. I said the sparrow with my bow & arrow…. I killed cock robin. Hmmm…. Just what I would want to see when I sat down to eat!

This last group has to be my all-time favorite.

That teapot is just under 3” tall!

I did NOT know they made toy-sized Corning Ware. 
Did you?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fly, Robin, Fly!

Do you ever discover that your treasure-hunting takes on an unplanned theme of its own? You know…one weekend you find an old platter that matches the pattern your Grandma used on special occasions and the next weekend you find another piece in the same pattern. I recently found an old first aid kit ….. then found another one a couple of weeks later. You get the idea.

Well, here we go again! This time the theme is birds, hence the title of this post! Just look at all the things I found last weekend that are “for the birds.”

A set of New Martinsville wall pockets…..

An oh-so-cute salt and pepper set with yellow birds sitting on a branch….

This Shawnee wall pocket features a beautiful bird design….

Another set of salt and pepper shakers...this time it’s winking owls...also Shawnee!

An embroidered owl graces this old dresser scarf…..

And check out this delicate glass bird stopper….it could possibly be a Nina Ricci perfume bottle stopper made by Lalique!

Wall pockets might be the secondary theme here.  This gorgeous vintage 3-piece set of wall pockets feature flamingos…..made in Occupied Japan!

What was your latest treasure-hunting theme?

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Forgotten Finds!

Though it’s now warmer weather, there doesn’t seem to have been as many yard sales this spring. I guess Easter weekend, Mother’s Day weekend and the unusually heavy amount of rainfall we’ve had lately has spoiled the number of sales so far. Of course, fewer sales gives me the opportunity to dig through boxes of things I’ve already bought and, in doing so, I realized that there were a few things that I had not shown you yet. So let me correct my oversight and show you some of those “forgotten finds”…….

I’ve read somewhere that brass is making a comeback, so I hope someone will love this interesting 5-light candelabra. There’s also an elegant gravy boat and a small piece of tatting…..

Here’s a better picture of the gravy boat….It’s marked Haviland/Limoges.

Changing from the pretty to the practical, I found several aluminum/candy molds…..

A large red tool box, a Steelmaster card file, a flower frog, and for fun…a turtle letter holder…

Even though the next item has already sold, I wanted to show you an old match holder that I upcycled…..

It was already painted black and had a messed up face. I scuffed it up a bit around the edges, added some burlap to that ugly face and stenciled a flame onto the burlap. I'm glad it has already found a new home!

What was your last Forgotten Find?