Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Cabinet Door Coat Rack

I’m continuing to work on projects that will be featured in my booth at our Christmas Open House in early November. Last week I showed you a tray that I created from an abused cutting board. This week I’m revealing a coat rack that I made from a cabinet door.

Early this past summer, I bought a cabinet door from an overstock store here in town.
It was a new unfinished oak door measuring approximately 18” x 16”.


My original thought was to make a tray, but I changed my mind after noticing the pile of rulers and yardsticks standing in the corner of my office.

Oak is my favorite wood, so I finished it with a medium dark stain instead of paint…..


I gathered my ever-growing stash of rulers and yardsticks along with leftover pieces from other yardstick projects. After fitting and cutting them to size, I glued them to the recessed panel of the cabinet door and added three old hooks with chippy paint.


The result is a coat rack with local sensibility since most of the rulers/yardsticks are from local stores that are no longer in business.


Save the Date:
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November 8, 2015

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Coffee Roasters Tray

Our Christmas Open House is only a few weeks away in early November. That means it is crunch time for me. In order to get everything ready for the big day, my days are spent pricing special items and completing unique projects for my booth. During the next few weeks, I’ll be blogging about some of those items and projects.

Today I’m showcasing a tray that I fashioned from a cutting board that someone had “branded” with the heating element of an electric stove. No, it wasn’t me! I bought the cutting board at the local Salvation Army thrift store last year.

I knew that I wanted to upcycle it into a sign or a tray. My first idea was to make a sign that said, “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.” I quickly decided that it was just too many words and, perhaps, a bit corny. Having seen something similar* online, I decided to add COFFEE ROASTERS to the board and create a unique tray.

After staining the cutting board, I used an old-school set of stencils to letter the word, COFFEE. If you look really really close at the “before” picture above you can see where I penciled it in. For fun, I substituted a mug of coffee for the “O” and then hand-lettered ROASTERS. 


I filled in both words in with craft paint, waxed the surface with AS dark wax and added handles.


One project DONE!
Many more to do!

*Full disclosure: I saw a similar idea on a blog but I didn’t bookmark it and I haven’t been able to re-locate it. I would love to give proper credit so if you know the blogger/post, please let me know. I think she/he used the COFFEE ROASTERS stencil sold by Donna of Funky Junk Interiors.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

In the Pink!

Today is the birthday of one of my closest friends. She loves pink, especially vintage pink items, and specifically vintage pink kitchenware. Retro pink kitchenware is hard to find, so usually I tell her as soon as I’ve discovered any vintage pink goodies. This time I decided to save a few items and share them with her (and you!) on her special day.

Let’s start with a pink/black McCoy vase…..

Large pink melamine platter…..

A roll of pink polka dot shelf paper in the original box…..

Flamingo pink Pyrex……

Retro pink apron……

And the sweetest and rarest find of all…..  

A pink Dormey hand mixer! 
Best of all… it works beautifully from “FOLD” through “WHIP.”

Happy Birthday, DB!

Hope the rest of you are “in the pink!”

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Figural Planters

I check my booth almost every day. I like to fluff the displays, chat with customers and, of course, see if anything has sold. When I checked the booth yesterday, I noticed that a small girl-with-goose planter had sold and it reminded me that I had recently bought several figural planters that I haven’t shown you.

Many pottery companies manufactured figural planters but, unfortunately, most of the companies didn’t mark them. I’ve indicated the makers that I know, but if you recognize a planter and know its maker, please let me know in your comment.

I do know that McCoy made this first planter. He’s a proud looking fellow, isn’t he…

Here’s another, more colorful, rooster planter….

I also found a mouse….

Two swans…..

And a cute lamb pushing a cart….

With the exception of the McCoy rooster, all of the planters above are fairly small. That is not the case with this last planter. Check out this 9” long vintage automobile planter….

 I think Santa might like to drive it to our Christmas Open House this year!

Do you collect figural planters?

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Golden Eagle

Early this summer I bought a floor lamp. It needed lots of TLC, but it worked and was priced right for resale. It featured a golden eagle which appealed to me in a patriotic sense; plus, the golden eagle is the mascot of my alma mater, The University of Southern Mississippi, which is just down the highway in Hattiesburg. Here’s the before….

Focusing on the eagle, I repainted the whole lamp with USM’s colors of black and gold. Then I began to look for a cone-shaped milk glass lamp globe to cover the bulb at the top. Well, my quick “flip” soon became a lengthy quest for the holy grail of lamp globes. Oh, yes, there were plenty of them online, but the shipping cost doubled the cost of the globe so I was determined to find one locally. After several weeks of searching and asking EVERYONE if they had one for sell, the owner of one of my favorite junking spots discovered one on his workbench! Yay!

So here’s the lamp now…..

I’ll let the new owner add a shade if they like, though I think it looks great as a torchiere and that majestic golden eagle appears prominent and proud.

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Second 2015 City-Wide Yard Sale

The second City-Wide yard sale was held this past weekend in our city’s multi-purpose center. It was so nice to shop inside since temps have been soaring into the 90s here these past few weeks. The air-conditioning was especially nice since I also shopped a hot and muggy 14-mile yard sale before the City-Wide sale.

Between the two shopping venues, I found lots of goodies and it’s funny that most of them fell into two themes… Bowls and Christmas! Do you ever notice that you discover things in themes sometimes, or is it just me???

Oh well….. Let’s start with the bowls…..I found two Pyrex Colonial Mist bowls at the city-wide sale. I guess I’ve started another set of bowls….. because now I need to find the “blue on white” bowls that match!

More bowls….. Pyrex/Corning aqua striped cereal bowl, Federal “kitchen utensils” mixing bowl and a Hazel-Atlas scalloped edge mixing bowl.

I could NOT believe I found 4 jadeite berry bowls! Along with them, I bought a pretty vegetable bowl, a Hall Rose Parade milk pitcher and a blue onion creamer.

With Christmas Open House only a few months away, I bought a Coca-Cola Santa tray and a large candy tin featuring Victorian children…..

A silver-plate pastry server (still in original packaging), an angel ornament, a tree-shaped cake pan and a wood box embellished with “Peace on Earth” also made it home with me.

My cat’s favorite find were these two red feather Christmas trees. She thought I had brought two giant cardinals home just for her to play with!!!

I did find a couple of things that didn’t fit my “themes for a day”…..  I just couldn’t leave behind a 1970's McCoy Cookie Jug, a Cannon dishcloth and an old cherry motif sifter that still bears its 59 cent price mark.

It was a good day for me! 
What did you find?

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Forgotten Finds and a Whazzit

Have you ever hidden something from yourself? Well, if you have a booth or have lots of things stored in boxes, you probably have. That recently happened to me. I was looking through my log book of purchases and realized that I didn’t know where I had stored a whole box of treasures from an estate/yard sale I had visited this past May.

After a little digging, I finally found the box of goodies and among them was a whazzit. I’ll show you the goodies first and maybe you can help me with that whazzit at the end.

A sweet lady had inherited her brother’s belongings and she held a yard sale to scale down all the many things he had left to her. These are the things that were in the box I brought home….

A handmade stick basket, a Globe bank and a child’s shovel. I wish there had been a pail to go along with the shovel!

A pantry canister jar with a pink lid, a nut grinder and a lidded sugar bowl….

An old batter bowl and a Windsor Cheese box….

Two old Homer Laughlin vegetable bowls….

And finally, that whazzit….

The whazzit is made of cast iron and is the same on both top and bottom. It is 1-3/4” tall and 5” in diameter. The lady told me it was a candle holder. I was skeptical, but you tell me….. Is it a candle holder? If not, what is it?

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Thrill of the FIND – Part 2

Last week I told you about the thrill of finding the object of a two year search, the red bowl that completes my Pyrex Primary Colors mixing bowl set. I also promised to tell you about the other great things I found, so here’s the fulfillment of that promise….

The ½ gallon blue fruit jar is the one that I almost dropped when I spotted the red Pyrex bowl. I bought it along with a green Dur-X glass cake knife and a Hall/Westinghouse blue delphite refrigerator dish…

I love these old Hoosier jars…. One is marked for Tea…. And I just couldn’t resist an orphan red top shaker….

A Brownie Holiday camera found its way onto my pile along with a Dunhill vanity case that held lots of cool things inside…..

Check out these two clown reamers/juicers….. They were made in Japan and are in remarkably good shape….

If you have any moonshine that you need to pour up, I found just what you need….. a stoneware beehive jug….

I might have completed one set of mixing bowls, but I started another set! I have always loved these McCoy windowpane bowls but had only seen them in my reference books. 

Well, I now have 2 of them with only 5 more to find to complete the set of 7. Hmmm… this set might be a bit harder to complete, but I’ll enjoy the hunt!

Earlier that day I went to another estate sale and found this handy butcher block rolling cart and a very nice luggage rack with needlepoint straps…..

It was a good day of treasure hunting!

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